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Tue Jun 16 2020, 04:14p.m.
Mark Blume

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Until I am persuaded differently by the KRFL Trade Committee, I am making an IMMEDIATE decision on the trading free agent draft picks.

The number of rounds in the free agent draft is open ended because every team drafts until it has 52 players on its roster, as Commissioner I have made the decision that any trade where a team trades a free agent draft pick it would not need based on the number of players on its roster and the number of draft picks it has remaining in the draft will be voided.

For example:
Going into the 3rd round of the draft a team has 18 open roster spots.
The team owns all its own free agent draft picks and does not own any other team's free agent draft picks.
Therefore, the team may not trade any free agent draft picks after round 20 since if it used all of those picks it would not need to draft a player in round 21 or later.

Of course this is complicated by the fact that teams can request supplemental draft picks for a particular round. However, I cannot assume they will. So I will evaluate each team at the time it was made, as in the example above.
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Tue Jun 16 2020, 09:38p.m.
Mark Blume

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Further, since the free agent draft is going on and I do not want to stop it, I am making a “in the best interest of the league” ruling that for this point forward no free agent draft picks after the $2.0mil salary round (Round 12) can be traded. No trading is allowed after that round anyway, so this just makes sense to me.
I will add this to the league rule book.

I want to thank the Trading Committee for their input.
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Tue Jun 16 2020, 10:53p.m.
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Wed Jun 17 2020, 03:44p.m.
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It is definitely something to look at. Cleveland is doing a real smart thing trading away its unused picks. The question is - is that an unfair advantage. Very few teams have this additional commodity with which to trade. Perhaps limiting the amount of FA picks you can trade - or raising the level from 2 million to 4 million?
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