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Sat Feb 01 2020, 12:16p.m.
Mark Blume

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The burden is on both trading parties to make sure any trade is fair and legal. Posted trades are assumed to be valid and will be processed as such, pending review by the League Office and Trade Committee.
It is also expected that the entire league membership will evaluate each trade proposal and report any trade that may require additional review. Trade proposals are subject to review by all league members who are free to register protests by contacting the Commissioner.

To make sure your trade is compliant with the rules, use the following check list:

1) Do you and your trading partner own the rights to the draft picks and/or players you are trading?
2) Will this trade violate the salary cap limits for either party? ($83m prior to the Rookie Draft, $70m prior to the FA Draft, $88m after).
3) Are both team's rosters in compliance with league rules after the trade (for example required number of RB rushing attempts, requirement for six LB's on the roster) after the trade?
4) If the trade is made after the FA Draft or during the season, are both teams compliant with the minimum roster requirements?
5) Does your trade pass the smell test of fairness to both parties?

If, after all due diligence (i.e., checking the latest spreadsheet/draft board/website for all recent transactions involving both teams), the answer is yes to all four conditions:

1) Post your trade in the Trade forum and have your trading partner confirm it.
2) Please include detailed information about the player's stats and KRFL Contract status so that the Trade Committee can make a quicker assessment without the need to look up that information themselves. *
3) Your trade is assumed to be legal and will be processed pending later review by the League Office and the Trade Committee.

Format for Reporting a Trade
Proposals with draft picks should always list the specific draft and the round and pick number so there is no ambiguity. This makes things a lot easier on the League Office. Simply put, the League Office shouldn't have to look up draft pick info so it is up to the trading parties to include that information.

For example, here is a clear trade proposal:
Turin trades RB Shonn Green and 2013 free agent draft picks 1.14, 2.14, 4.14 to West Seattle for 2013 rookie draft picks 3.14, 5.14, and
2013 free agent draft picks 1.7, 2,7, and 4.7.

Note: The format is , year/draft/round.pick, i.e., "2013 free agent draft picks 1.14, 2.14, 4.14"

How Can a Trade Be Invalidated?
A processed trade can be invalidated at any time by the League Office if it violates salary cap restrictions, involves picks or players unowned by either party, or
otherwise violates the constitution. Trades can also be cancelled for reasons of imbalance by two vetoes from the three member Trade Committee. The League Office will not immediately review the trade for compliance. The onus of verifying the trade, checking the data and doing the math, falls upon the trading parties. If a trade is later voided, both teams involved will be penalized.

Please Note:
8.4 - Any trade may be vetoed by the Trade Committee, if, in their judgment, the trade is not in the best interest of the KRFL. A two/thirds vote will determine the outcome of their review.
8.6 - One manager should place the unofficial trade on the forum page and the other manager will confirm the trade at which point the trade will be processed but considered to be under pending review. Participants in a trade must notify the Trade Committee when posting a trade. The trade will become official one week after being confirmed unless, prior to that deadline, 1) the League Office vetoes the trade for non-compliance with the rules, or 2) two or more owners request that the Trade Committee review the trade. Traded players and/or draft picks may not be re-traded until the trade becomes official.
8.6a - In the event of a vetoed trade, the Trade Committee will determine the penalties and resolutions, if any, applied to the voided transaction.
8.6b - Trade Committee Guidelines:
1) If the trade is unfair to one of the teams involved, it should be vetoed.
2) If the trade seriously impairs the future viability of a franchise, it should be vetoed.
3) If the trade is detrimental to the league in any other manner, it should be vetoed.

The burden is on both trading parties to make sure any trade is fair and legal. Posted trades are assumed to be valid and will be processed as such, pending review by the League Office and Trade Committee.
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