News Item: REMINDER: Rookie Draft Begins MONDAY JUNE 7
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Posted by MarkB
Friday 04 June 2021 - 08:46:33

The 2021 KRFL Rookie Draft will begin at 9am EDT Monday June 7

The Rookie Draft website is at
The draft instructions can be found at
Both links can always be found on the KRFL website in the upper left hand corner..

Everyone is still registered from last season. If you forgot your password, let me know. I can't reset it, but I can delete it allowing you to re-register for the draft site.

Once you log in you will be able to set up your Player Priority List. PLEASE remember to set AutoPick to 15 minutes under GM Options if you are going to use it to pick.

Trading will be allowed during the draft, but....Trades have be announced AND confirmed in the appropriate forum on the league website by 10PM Eastern the day before the round begins. So if you wanted to trade a 4th round draft pick, it would need to be announced and confirmed by 10PM Eastern the day the 3rd round ended.

After the first round, the daily draft schedule is two rounds per day. The first round will start at 9am EDT and end at approximately 2:45pm EDT.
The second daily round will start at approximately 3pm EDT and end at approximately 9pm EDT.

PLEASE NOTE that other than the 9am EDT start time ALL OTHER TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. As we found with prior drafts, the draft software tends to run a bit ahead of schedule and if someone has their autopick set for less than 15 minutes, that only makes it run faster. So please be aware of this.

2021 Rookie Draft Calendar
Mon 6/7: Round 1
Tue 6/8: Rounds 2-3
Wed 6/9: Rounds 4-5
Thur 6/10: Rounds 6-7

Most of the software bugs we've experienced in the past have been fixed. One new bug was created. These are not deal breakers and if you follow these instructions, we won't have any issues.
>DECLINE PICK - NEVER, EVER click Decline Pick. If you do it will wipe out other team's picks, stop the draft and cause the Commissioner a lot of work to recreate the draft. So do not ever click on Decline Pick if you see it next to your pick or anyone else's pick.

>AUTOPICK TIME under GM Options. PLEASE log into the draft website, go to the GM Options tab and set "Turn on AutoPick to After" to 15 minutes. Please do this even if you do not intend to use the autopick feature. The software has a tendency to randomly reset it to 10 minutes, so please check it each time you log into the draft website

>UNSKIPPING A PICK when Auto Pick is turned ON. If your pick is skipped, and you click UNSKIP next to the pick to "unskip" it, be aware that in testing I experience that if you have Autopick turned On and you have players listed in your player priority list, the software with make your pick IMMEDIATELY when you click Unskip. If that is not your intention, uncheck AutoPick under GM Options (which turns it off) BEFORE you click Unskip. That will allow you to manually select a player to pick.

>MOVING PLAYERS ON PLAYER PRIORITY LIST - When clicking the double arrows to move a player to the top of the priority list, in testing we've experienced a bit of a lag in the software. Be patient, the screen will refresh in a few seconds.

I will monitor the draft as best I can. Email me if you have any issues. However, be aware that I am at work during the day and not always available. So I may not be able to response to your emails immediately. My mobile phone number is listed on the game under the Team Information for Tampa Bay.

Morning Round (pick number, time pick is on the clock)
1. 9:00am
2. 9:15am
3. 9:30am
4. 9:45am
5. 10:00am
6. 10:15am
7. 10:30am
8. 10:45am
9. 11:00am
10. 11:15am
11. 11:30am
12. 11:45am
13. 12 Noon
14. 12:15 pm
15. 12:30 pm
16. 12:45pm
17. 1:00pm
18: 1:15pm
19. 1:30 pm
20. 1:45pm
21. 2:00pm
22. 2:15pm
23. 2:30pm
24. 2:45pm

Afternoon Round (pick number, time pick is on the clock)
1. 3:00pm
2. 3:15pm
3. 3:30pm
4. 3:45pm
5. 4:00pm
6. 4:15pm
7. 4:30pm
8. 4:45pm
9. 5:00pm
10. 5:15pm
11. 5:30pm
12. 5:45pm
13. 6:00pm
14. 6:15pm
15. 6:30pm
16. 6:45pm
17. 7:00pm
18. 7:15pm
19. 7:30pm
20. 7:45pm
21: 8:00pm
22. 8:15pm
23. 8:30pm
23. 8:45pm

If you have any questions, email me.

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