News Item: 2020 Season Kick's Off! Week 1 games Due Tuesday Sept. 15 at 10pm Eastern
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Posted by MarkB
Tuesday 08 September 2020 - 22:06:52

Welcome to the start of the 2020 KRFL Regular Season, KRFL's 20th season. There is some VERY IMPORTANT information in this message. PLEASE READ this ENTIRE MESSAGE.

Coach's Files
I did not receive a Coach file from Atlanta so I let the game generate the lineups and depth chart.

Game Version
Before you play any games, please verify you have the 7/15/2020 version of the game. In the game go to Help, About. If yours is not this version, go to, download and install that version.

Week #1 League File
The Week #1 League file can be found in the League Files section of the website.
Results are due Tuesday, September 15 at 10pm Eastern.

Submitting Game Results
Send the games results and box score (the “.xbx” file generated by the game and the “.htm” game box score) to BOTH the commissioner AND to the KRFL Google Group e-mail ( A game summary/write-up would be appreciated and adds to the fun of the league.
PLEASE use the following process:
1. Click on Export, then Games.
2. Double click on the game in the left side box you wish to export. This should put an asterisk by the game selected.
3. Under export folder make sure you save the file somewhere where you know you can find it.
4. Click on Begin Export to export the game.
It will export the game using the format Week #_Visitor_Score_Home_Score.XBX. That is the format I need or the file cannot be imported. Do not create the export file any other way.
Attach that file to your email and send it to me and the league.
Putting into a .zip file before you send it is fine.

Weekly Reporting Deadline
The deadline for reporting game results is normally TUESDAY evenings at 10PM EASTERN USA time. THIS DEADLINE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. I do NOT want to have to sim games. With this Tuesday deadline, the new league files should be released no later than 9am Eastern Wednesday morning, and will most like be available by 1am Eastern Wednesday.

Protocol for Scheduling Games
Please see Rule 15 in the League Rules, a summary of which is:
Since the weekly schedule is available both on the website and in the game, initial contact between members for the upcoming week's games should be made prior to midnight Thursday of the current week. Game times should be agreed upon and scheduled by midnight Friday to be considered as good faith attempts to schedule a game. Good faith attempts at scheduling require two emails and a minimum of three possible suggested game times. Note: When contacting an opponent, please use private email so that your message isn't sent to the entire league. E-mail addresses are readily available in the game file.

If you've emailed your opponent twice with a minimum of three suggested game times, AND you haven't received ANY reply, you may seek a substitute by posting on the league website or by posting an email via the KRFL Google group. This leaves a public record available to the Commissioner in case of disputes. If a member seeking a substitute gets multiple offers to sub, they should sort volunteers accordingly:
a. First choice should be a player from another conference.
b. Second choice should be a player from another division in the same conference.
c. Last choice should be a player from the same division.

Game Play
Just a reminder of some of our KRFL rules for games:
• No limits on onside kicks, hurry up, or slow down offenses.
• No Play Clock.
• We follow 2019 NFL rules.
All games are to be played head-to-head over the internet. The home team typically will host the game but that is not required. The hosting team is required to submit the game results to the Commissioner.

Though I've never used it so I cannot confirm it is still available, DK Sports has created a Hamachi "League Lobby" for KRFL.
To log on, use the following in Hamachi:
Network Name: Knute Rockne Football League
Network Id: 338-199-859
Password: krfl

Users will need the HamachiLogMeIn client installed on their computer to use the networks. This is a free download:
The free Hamachi client allows users to connect with up to 5 others users.

Free Agent Claims
Post free agent claims at
Players signed as free agent are NOT retained after the season, they will have a 2020 salary of $0.5 million and the salary of the player you release continues to count against your salary cap.
All waiver claim free agent must meet the Tuesday at 10pm Eastern game reporting deadline to be considered valid for the next week's games.

Trading Period Open
The Trading Period is now open and will remain open until the Week #6 Reporting Deadline (October 13, 2020).

Team Logo’s, Home Fields and Coach's pictures
I have posted the 2020 team logo file, team home fields files and the Coach's pictures files in the "Misc. Files" link on the home page. You can find the link in the upper left hand corner of the home page and/or
Save each file to your computer, then:
Team Logos File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports\football\TeamLogos folder
Team Fields File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports\football\Stadiums folder
Coach's Pictures File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports\football\PlayerPhotos folder

Lets have another fun and competitive KRFL season. If you have any questions, please post it in the forums on the league website or send me an email.

"Play Hard, Have Fun"

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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