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Posted by MarkB
Friday 04 September 2020 - 20:54:29

The one week pre-season free agent signing period ends at 10pm Eastern September 5 (Saturday).
To make a claim, please email the commissioner with the player you are claiming and the player you would release if the claim was sucessful.
Please note:
Rule 8.3.b -Teams are limited to obtaining a maximum of two waiver claim free agents during this period. Any interested team should email to the Commissioner a list of players of any number, in order of preference, the team wishes to claim, and the players, in order of preference, the team wishes to release from their roster if their claim(s) are successful.
8.3.c - If multiple teams claim the same player, the player will be awarded to a team based upon following the most recent Rookie draft order.
8.3.d – Players successfully claimed will be rostered as if the player was acquired during the Free Agent Draft, which means the team may retain the player after the season. The players contract status will as if he was drafted during the most recent Free Agent Draft.

ALL TEAMS MUST submit a Coach's File for their team by 10pm Eastern on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7. If you are not going to make a free agent claim in the pre-season signing period, feel free to send a coach's file now.

The up coming schedule is:
9/5/20 10pm Eastern - Pre-season free agent signing period is closed.
9/6/20 - Announcement of successful free agent signings and players released
9/7/20 10pm Eastern - Coach's file due for each team
9/9/20-KRFL Regular season begins

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