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Posted by MarkB
Tuesday 30 June 2020 - 19:48:58

Updated league file through round 32 is on the website.

Wednesday will be the FINAL draft of drafting by agreement of the majority of those still drafting.
I will start updating the picks on the draft website at approximately 9pm Eastern. It will probably take 33-45 minutes to get the changes made.

Draft Software:
Sorry for the hiccups today. Part of it was my lack of understanding of the database logic. Something I was seeing in the database and thought it was an error in player priority lists actually isn't an error after all. I was very busy this morning at work and really did not have time to look into it until around lunch time. Thanks to all of you who helped me trouble shoot it.
I think most if not all of the issues can be resolved by:
>>>Do not add a player or move players around on your player priority list when your pick is on the clock and you have Autopick turned on. In that case, turn Autopick Off. Then add/move players, then turn Autopick back on.
>>>Before clicking "Unskip" to unskip your pick Autopick MUST be turned OFF under GM Options.
Basically if you are going to do ANYTHING, turn AUtopick OFF BEFORE you do it.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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