News Item: Roster Minimums
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Posted by MarkB
Wednesday 24 June 2020 - 14:56:07

As we head into the later rounds of the draft, just a reminder to all of you of the roster requirements:

4.3 - At the start of each season and at the start of each game throughout the entire season (including the playoffs), each owner must have at least the following number of attempts by skilled players on their rosters:
a. 400 pass attempts
b. 300 rushes (includes attempts by QB’s & WR’s)
c. 200 receptions
d. 20 field goal attempts
e. 40 punts
f. 15 kickoff returns
g. 20 punt returns (including fair catches)

4.4 - At the start of each game throughout the entire season (including the playoffs) each roster must include 52 players including the following minimum number of players at the following positions:
2 Quarterbacks
3 Running Backs*
6 Receivers (minimum of 1 Tight End*
7 Offensive Linemen (minimum of 1 Center, 2 Tackles, and 2 Guards)
1 Place Kicker
1 Punter
6 Defensive Linemen (minimum of 2 Defensive Tackles and 2 Defensive Ends)
6 Linebackers (minimum of 1 Inside LB and 2 Outside LBs)
7 Defensive Backs (minimum of 2 Cornerbacks and 2 Safeties)
1 Kick Returner
1 Punt Returner
1 Long Snapper
1 Holder
* - Halfbacks can be used as TEs or RBs.

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