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Posted by MarkB
Sunday 17 May 2020 - 10:57:34

Just a reminder that the Pre-Roster Cut Down Trading Period ends Friday May 22 at 10pm Eastern. Trades must be posted and confirmed by that deadline to be valid. Then Roster Cut-Down week will begin Sunday May 24 though I'll likely have the forum threads up and running a day early.

If anyone want to have their team logo or home field graphics updated, send me an email mail and let me know what you are looking for and I'll get working on it.

I'll repeat my request for coach's pictures. Steve Ward had a great idea two seasons ago which was adding pictures of ourselves to our team's roster in the game. Many sent pictures, others did not. So this is my annual plea to those who haven't to do so. And anyone who wants to update their picture from last season, feel free to send me a new photos.
Missing coach's photos:
Atlanta - Valentino
Barcelona - Roberto
Bensalem - Bob
Inverness - Steve
Kutztown - Pete
Vancouver - Steve
West Seattle - Don

Upcoming Schedule. Please consult the Calendar on the league website for details.
>Until May 22: KRFL Trading Period is Open until 10pm EDT on May 22
>May 24 - May 30: Annual Roster Cut Down Week. Deadline is 10pm Eastern May 30
>June 8-11: KRFL Rookie Draft
>June 15 - July 3: KRFL Free Agent Draft

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