News Item: Rookie Draft Site is Up
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Posted by MarkB
Saturday 02 May 2020 - 12:40:54

The Rookie Draft site is set up and available.
You can find it at if you want to review draft picks and players available. Only players actually drafted in the 2020 NFL draft can be drafted this year. I caution yet about setting up your player lists however. If for some reason I need to re-install the draft website, say because members want to do a mock draft to refamiliarize themselves on how the website works, then all draft lists will be lost.

The two new members, PIT and INV will first need to register on the website. Any if anyone else cannot remember their password from last year, I can reset their account and they would need to re-register and create a new password.
To register, do the following:

Step 1 : Locate the Register Button at the top of the page, click on it, and fill in the form.
+You MUST use the EXACT three letter team code provided for your team. It is a quirk of the software that the three letter team code must match exactly and be ALL CAPITAL LETTERS with the team name abbreviations used to set up the draft. Pittsburgh is "PIT" and Inverness is "INV".
+Your Username is up to you and it goes without saying that your password should be easily remembered and saved someplace.
+Enter your email address for email notification of when you're on the clock.
+Optionally enter your 10 digit cell phone number (no spaces or dashes) and identify your phone carrier if you'd like to get a text message when you're on the clock. (Note: Neither of these notification methods are reliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. We have no idea why. Don't count on them. Instead, either plan to monitor the draft around the time of your draft slot or use the AUTOPICK option).
+Tick the Keep me logged in box.

Step 2: Click the Register Button.

Step 3: After registering, click on the GM Options (menu at the top) and set Turn on Autopick to 15 minutes. Leave everything else alone unless you're adventurous.

Step 4: Make sure the Selected Columns are Position ID & Player_School. These are the only columns needed for the Rookie Draft. To add a column to the Selected Columns, click on the column name in the list of Available Columns. To remove something from the list of Available Columns, click on the column name.

Step 5: Hit SAVE.


The KRFL Rookie Draft is June 8-11. One round on the June 8, then two rounds each day until the draft is over. It begins at 9am Eastern each day.


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