News Item: KRFL Week 2. Games Due Sept. 17 at 10pm Eastern
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Posted by MarkB
Tuesday 10 September 2019 - 22:58:43

Week #1 is in the books.
Each Conference won six games in the inter-conference games in week 1. Home teams were only 4-12. So much for home field advantage. The NFC Halas division went 4-0 while the AFC Madden went 0-4.

The week #2 league file has been posted on the website in the League Files section. Please remember to e-mail the games results and box score to BOTH me and the KRFL Google Group.

Processed Waiver Claims and trades are listed on the league website.

Trading is open until the deadline for week # 4 games.

Thanks you for a smooth week 1 and Good luck to all in week 2.

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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