News Item: KRFL FA Signing Period Closed. Coach's files due
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Posted by MarkB
Friday 30 August 2019 - 22:49:24

The pre-season free agent signing period is closed. The claims that were processed are on the league website. A updated League File and Salary Worksheet have been uploaded to the league website.

The deadline for informing me of any errors on your team on the League File or the Salary Worksheet is Monday September 2 at 10pm Eastern. If I do not get a message from you, I will take that as you are confirming your team's information is correct.

The deadline for sending me your week #1 coach's file is Monday September 2 at 10pm Eastern. ALL teams must submit a file.

Then we kick off Week # 1 of the 2019 KRFL Regular Season on Wednesday September 4. Week #1 results will be due on September 10.

Mark B.

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