News Item: Results of Voting on 2019 Rule Change Proposals
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Posted by MarkB
Saturday 13 April 2019 - 22:10:25

Voting is complete. It takes a 2/3's majority, or 16 Yes votes for a proposal to pass.

Proposal One: Increase Roster Size from 52 to 53. This proposal FAILED to pass with 14 yes votes and 10 no votes.

Proposal Two: Free Agents Signed During Period One Week before Season Begins can be Retained. This proposal PASSED with 16 yes and 8 no votes.

Proposal Three: Increase the salary cap. Increase the salary cap by $5 million to $88 million. In season becomes 93 million. This proposal FAILED with 12 yes votes and 12 no votes

Proposal Four: Changes Free Agent Draft Salaries. Players acquired through the Free Agent draft are assigned a salary as based on the pick # in the round. This proposal FAILED with 6 yes and 18 no votes.

Proposal Five: Change Free Agent Draft Order. This proposal FAILED with 10 yes votes and 14 no votes.

The League Rule Book will be updated shortly for the passing of proposal #2.

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