News Item: Please Welcome our Newest KRFL Member
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Posted by MarkB
Sunday 27 January 2019 - 15:51:11

With the retirement of long time member and Inverness owner Steve Swanson, I am pleased to announce our newest member replacing Steve.

Please welcome Craig Garretson to KRFL. I've known Craig for many years as a member of my two Diamond Mind Baseball leagues. Craig recently started playing Action PC football, and joined the other league I am in this past season. Craig lives in Randolph, NJ, but is a big Packers fan. Craig will be an excellent addition to KRFL. Welcome Craig!

Craig has announce the Inverness franchise will move to Newark, NJ and become the Newark Sugar Bears. The Sugar Bears' home field will be Newark Schools Stadium.
Craig notes:
The Action PC Football database says that the stadium is in Newark, NY, but it is actually in Newark, NJ: Several professional football teams played there, most notably the Newark Bears from 1939-1941. The Newark Bears were part of the American Association, which was an attempt at an NFL farm system. (There also was a Newark Bears that was a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees, and then in the 1990s there was an independent league baseball team called the Newark Bears.) The old Newark Schools Stadium was knocked down about 10 years ago and they built a new stadium there which is pretty impressive for a public school stadium:

Welcome aboard Craig!

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