News Item: KRFL Divisional Playoffs. Games Due January 15 at 10pm Eastern
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Posted by MarkB
Monday 07 January 2019 - 23:03:21

The Divisional Playoff round league file has been uploaded to the League Files section of the website.

The Divisional Round playoff games are:
(#4) Barcelona at (#1) SW Florida
(#3) Penn St. at (#2) Bronx

(#4) Seattle at (#1) Salem
(#3) Cleveland at (#2) Edison

The #1 and #2 seeded team were rested one week and so any injuries have been adjusted according.

These games Due Tuesday 1/15/19 at 10pm Eastern.
If all games are done earlier I will release the Conference Championship games league file immediately.

Good luck to all eight teams!

To play a playoff game, click on "Play" in the title bar (Play is to the left next to Organize , Setup, Reports, Internet..... .)
Then click on "Playoffs"
Then click on "Playoff Bracket"
A new box will open with the playoff brackets.
Then click on "Play" next to the game to be played.
After the game is played, send the .XBX file and the boxscore to both me and the Google Group the same as you do during the regular season.

Any questions let me know.

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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