News Item: Week 16 Games Due Tuesday January 1 at 10pm Eastern
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Posted by MarkB
Tuesday 18 December 2018 - 21:41:05

The week 16 league file has been posted to the league website in the League Files section.
Results are due Tuesday January 1 at 10pm Eastern. Please note the extra week to play the games.
If all games are reported earlier, I will released the Wild Card games file early. Tampa Bay @ Alabama was already played due to Alabama’s schedule, with the expected result.

There were a number of free agent signings this week. Check the website for details.

With one game to play in the regular season, here is the playoff picture:

In the NFC, the only unknown is the final Wild Card seeding. The division leaders have all clinched their divisions.
1. SW Florida (14-1)
2. Bronx (12-3)
3. Penn St. (10-5)

Wild Cards:
4. Barcelona (9-6)
5. Kentucky (8-7), wins tie breaker based on common games.
6. Atlanta (8-7)
If all three win, lose or tie, that will be the final seeding. If Barcelona or Kentucky lose, their seed could be lower. Barcelona has the toughest game of the three (@Bronx)

In the AFC, Salem is the #1 seed, Seattle is the #4 seed, and Rolling Green, Edison, Cleveland and New York making the playoffs, but which teams are seeds #2, #3, #5 and #6 are yet to be determined.
In the Brown Division…
Edison & Rolling Green(9-6) are tied for the Brown Division lead. They split their head to head games. They are both 3-2 in their division with one game to play. So if one team wins and the other losses, the winning team wins the division. If both teams win, lose or tie, the next tie-breaker is common games. RGG is 7-4 and EDI is 6-5.
So EDI needs to win and have RGG loss or tie otherwise RGG wins the division.
RGG wins the division unless it losses or ties and EDI wins.
The worst either can do is a Wild Card.

In the Shula Division….
Cleveland and New York are tied at 9-6 and the play each other @ Cleveland. Winner wins the division!
The loser or Cleveland if they tie, is a Wild Card.

Do even ask me who the #2 seed (and gets a first round playoff bye) will be. I’ll figure it out after week 16. Same for Wild Card seeds #5 and #6. There are too many possibilities at this point.

Any questions let me know. Play hard and have fun!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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