News Item: KRFL Week 13 Due Tuesday December 5 at 10pm Eastern
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Posted by MarkB
Wednesday 28 November 2018 - 22:42:50

The week 13 league file is on the website in the League Files section.

A couple of teams signed free agents this week. The transactions can also be found on the league website.

No team has clinched it division yet. So teams are not permitted to selectively de-activate players. That cannot be done until the team has either clinched their Division or after Week 14, whichever occurs first.

With fours games to play, here is the playoff picture:

The playoff teams are becoming clearing, but playoff seeding is up in the air.
Division Leaders SW Florida (11-1) and Bronx (11-1) look to be fighting for the #1 and #2 seeds only and are assured of a playoff spot (but have not clinched their divisions).
Penn St. (7-5) has a one game lead on Kutztown (6-6) for the Landry Division lead.
The Wild Card race is (the top three make the playoffs):
1. Kentucky (8-4)
2. Barcelona (7-5)
3. Atlanta or Kutztown (6-6)
Still in contention but need wins and lots of help: Bensalem, Warrington, and Tennessee (4-8)

Like the NFC, the playoff teams look reasonably set, but seeding is up in the air.
Salem leads the Madden (11-1) with a two game lead on Seattle.
Rolling Green leads the Brown (8-4) by one game over Edison.
Cleveland and New York (7-5) are tied for the lead in the Shula.
The Wild Card race is (the top three make the playoffs):
1. Seattle (9-3)
2. & 3. Edison & Cleveland or New York (7-5)
Still in contention: Alabama (5-7) if they can win their divisional games.
Need wins and a lot of help: Des Moines, Inverness, and Tampa Bay (4-8)

Week 12 highlights:
Rushing Leaders
Lynch,M(KEN) 23-162 1 TD
Stewart,J(KTZ) 19-153 1 TD
Gurley II(NYH) 21-128 2 TD
Bell,L(CLE) 23-111
Collins,A(SEA) 21-110
McKinnon(BRX) 8-110

Receiving Leaders
Fitzgerald(CLE) 10-133 1 TD
Stills(RGG) 7-126 3 TD

Passing Leaders
Dalton(RGG) 35-26-344 4 TD
Keenum(EDI) 35-26-328
Stafford(CLE) 39-27-310 1 TD 2 Int
Prescott(WSS) 41-26-309 2 TD 3 Int

Special Teams
Bullock(PEN) 4-5 FG

Play hard, have fun.


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