News Item: Week 11 Games Due at 10pm Eastern November 20
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Posted by MarkB
Tuesday 13 November 2018 - 21:39:29

The week #11 league file has been posted on the website in the League Files section. Results are due Tuesday 11/20/18 @10pm Eastern

Three teams picked up free agents. Check the website forums for details.

No one responded that they needed extra time over the Thanksgiving. So at this time I do not plan to change the week #12 schedule. If you need extra time please email me with the details immediately so I can re-consider modifying the schedule.

With six games to play, there is some playoff clarity emerging in two of the NFC divisions:
Division Leaders are Kutztown (6-4), SW Florida (9-1) and Bronx (9-1).
The current Wild Card race is (the top three make the playoffs):
1. Barcelona (7-3)
2. Kentucky (6-4)
3. Penn St. (5-5)
4. Bensalem, Warrington, Tennessee and Atlanta (4-6).

As was the case last season at this time, in the AFC nearly every team in the conference is still in the playoff hunt:
While Salem leads the Shula Division at 9-1, there are ties for first in both the Brown Division (Edison & Rolling Green) and the Shula Division (Cleveland and New York). And there are three teams currently tied for the final wild card position (Inverness, Alabama, and Tampa Bay) with Des Moines one game out. It is still wide open.

Any questions let me know. Play hard and have fun!

Week 10
Rushing Leaders
Bell,L(CLE) 28-202 2 TD
Fournette(WAR) 16-116 1 TD
Blount(VAN) 15-108
Anderson,C(BAR) 20-106 1 TD

Receiving Leaders
Fitzgerald(CLE) 13-200 1 TD

Passing Leaders
Rivers,P(BAR) 53-33-382 2 TD
Stafford(CLE) 33-27-382 2 TD
Goff(TAM) 35-19-353 2 TD
Smith,A(TEN) 31-25-293 4 TD 1 Int

Defensive Standouts
Wright,K(PEN) 15 Tk
Mathieu(SAL) 16 Tk

Special Teams
Forbath(TAM) 4-4 FG

Mark Blume

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