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Next Season, would you prefer to have the Rookie Draft after the Free Agent Draft instead of before it?



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Tuesday 17 September 2019
KRFL Week 3. Games Due September 245 at 10pm Eastern
by: MarkB - Tuesday 17 September 2019 - 21:20:09
The week #3 league file has been posted on the website in the League Files section. Please remember to e-mail the games results and box score to BOTH me and the KRFL Google Group.
To send your game file, please follow these instructions:

A reminder of our rules for scheduling games: Initial contact between members for the upcoming week's games should be made prior to midnight Thursday of the current week. Game times should be agreed upon and scheduled by midnight Friday to be considered as good faith attempts to schedule a game. Because the time difference limits times available to play games, it is extremely important to communicate with your opponent as soon as possible when one of the team owners is in Europe and the other is in North America.

Trading is open until the deadline for week # 4 games.

Week 2 Big Games:
Rushing Leaders
Carson,C(SAL) 24-245 1 TD
Mack,M(ATL) 28-188 1 TD
Johnson,D(VAN) 25-158
Adams,J(EDI) 18-125 2 TD
Johnson,K(RGG) 18-113 1 TD
Crowell(NYH) 9-112 1 TD
Howard,J(PEN) 14-102

Receiving Leaders
Thomas,M(BRX) 11-112

Passing Leaders
Mahomes(DES) 27-22-407 5 TD
Roethlisbe(KTZ) 38-27-351 4 TD 2 Int
Stafford(CLE) 50-27-351 5 TD 1 Int
Mayfield(WSS) 50-23-349 4 TD 3 Int
Newton,C(EDI) 23-17-321 4 TD 1 Int
Brees(BRX) 39-28-310 2 TD 1 Int
Rivers,P(BAR) 40-26-301 1 TD 1 Int
Wentz(BEN) 43-32-243 2 TD 1 Int

Defensive Standouts
McCourty,J(SWF) 17 Tk

Special Teams
Carlson,D(BAY) 4-4 FG

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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