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Next Season, would you prefer to have the Rookie Draft after the Free Agent Draft instead of before it?



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Monday 01 April 2019
2019 Draft Lottery
by: MarkB - Monday 01 April 2019 - 22:37:14
The complete 2019 draft order will be announced on April 7th.
Under Rule 5, the first four picks in the rookie and free agent drafts are determined by a draft lottery.

The determination determination of the draft order of the first four picks in each round of the draft will use a lottery system using the following state lotteries in the order listed below. The Commissioner will go down the list and match-up the number with the corresponding range of winning lottery numbers to determine the order of the draft. If we get to the bottom of the state lottery list below and do not have the draft order set, we will use the following day’s lottery drawings. Once a team has been assigned a spot in the lottery if their number comes up again they will be skipped.

1. South Carolina Pick 3 – 1pm Midday Drawing
2. Florida Pick 3 – 1:30pm Midday Drawing
3. Virginia Pick 3 – 2pm Day Drawing
4. North Carolina Pick 3 – 3pm Day Drawing
5. South Carolina Pick 3 – 7pm Evening Drawing
6. Florida Pick 3 – 9:45pm Evening Drawing
7. Virginia Pick 3 – 11pm Night Drawing
8. North Carolina Pick 3 – 11:22pm Night Drawing

Draft Lottery results can be found at

Each team will be assigned every fourth number from 000-999 based on their seeded position, and the lottery drawings on a date to be announced in advance will determine the draft order. For example, let's assume Newark is the poorest team. Newark would be assigned the numbers 000-249... Hedonic might be assigned the numbers 250-499... Manchester might be assigned the numbers 500-749...Kendall might be assigned the numbers 750-999.

Now let's assume on the lottery date chosen, the numbers of the actual lottery drawing results for the first four lotteries above were: 773, 113, 919, 632. Thus, the team assigned the number 773 would draft first in this example (Manchester). The team assigned the number 113 (Newark) would draft second. The team assigned the numbers 919 (Manchester) is already drafting first, so we skip those numbers. The team assigned the number 632 is Kendall, so they would draft 3rd. The team drafting 4th must then be Hedonic, under this example.

Based on last season's results and the tie breaker process, the four teams eligible for the lottery picks and the numbers they have been assigned are:
Black Hills: 000-249
West Seattle: 250-499
Bay City: 500-749
Des Moines: 750-999

Good luck to all!

Upcoming League Schedule (Please refer to the Calendar on the league website for more information):
Friday April 5 2019 End of League Rule Book Proposals & Comment Period
Saturday 06 April 2019 - Draft Lottery to Determine Order of First Four Draft Picks
Sunday 07 April 2019 - Draft Order Announced
Sunday 07-13 April 2019 - Mandatory Voting on Proposed Amendments to League Rules
Sunday 14 April 2019 - Voting Results on Proposed Amendments to Rules Announced
Thursday 25 April 2019 - NFL Draft
Monday 29 April 2019 - Pre-Rookie Draft Trading Period Opens

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