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Next Season, would you prefer to have the Rookie Draft after the Free Agent Draft instead of before it?



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Friday 29 March 2019
Lottery for Draft Pick to 2018 Substitute Coach
by: MarkB - Friday 29 March 2019 - 10:10:45
Per Rule 15.5 - Rewards for Volunteer substitutes.
After the conclusion of the season and before the rookie draft, the commissioner will hold a lottery using the information provided through Rule 15.2. For each game played as a substitute, the member who volunteered will be given one credit. Credits earned will be entered into a random lottery to distribute rookie draft choices given up by teams penalized for non-participation. Rookie draft choices given up by a previous owner through penalty will be retained by the new owner but will be added as supplemental picks in each applicable draft round for the purpose of the non-participation lottery. Example: A number two pick in the second round (draft choice 2.2) forfeited by a previous owner will be retained by the new owner. The penalized pick will be added to the round as pick 2.25. If no rookie draft picks were forfeited, the league will award a supplemental 5th round rookie draft pick, the final pick of the 5th round, using the process described above (this pick is not tradable).

No Rookie Draft Picks were forfeited in 2018, so a lottery will be held for a pick at the end of the 5th round in the 2019 Rookie Draft. The teams earning "credits" in 2018 were:
Alabama - 1
Bronx - 1
Cleveland - 1
Rolling Green - 2
Tampa Bay - 2

The lottery will be held Tonight, March 29, using the Wisconsin Lottery Pick 3 game. These teams have been assigned the following lottery numbers for tonight's drawing:
Alabama: 001-142
Bronx: 143-284
Cleveland: 285-426
Rolling Green: 427-710
Tampa Bay 711-994
000, and 995-999 will be ignored. If the winning number is one of those, the will will then use the March 30 drawing.

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