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How do you feel about the speed of the first week of the free agent draft?

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Saturday 04 September 2021
2021 Team Fields, Logo's & Coach's Pictures
by: MarkB - Saturday 04 September 2021 - 22:06:57
I have posted the 2021 team logo file, 2021 team stadium/fields file, and 2021 coaches pictures files to the "Misc. Files" link on the home page.
You can find the link in the upper left hand corner of the home page and/or

Download each file your computer (be aware the stadium file is quite large and downloading will take a minute or two). Then do the following:

>Team Logos File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports-data\football\TeamLogos folder

>Team Fields File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports-data\football\Stadiums folder

>Team Coaches File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports-data\football\PlayerPhotos folder.


Updated League File & Salary Worksheet Posted + Reminders
by: MarkB - Saturday 04 September 2021 - 21:03:42
An updated league file and salary worksheet has been posted to the League Files section of the league website.

>Three teams need to make their rosters compliant with league rules.
>ALL TEAMS MUST submit a Coach's File for their team by 10pm Eastern on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6.
>The Regular Season will begin Tuesday September 8


The upcoming schedule is:
9/6/21-Deadline to submit Coach's File
9/8/21- KRFL Regular season begins
10/12/21 - In Season Trading Period Ends

Non-Compliant Rosters
by: MarkB - Saturday 04 September 2021 - 20:52:57
The following teams have non-complaint rosters. These need to be resolved via trades or free agent claims before 10pm Eastern Tuesday September 7, otherwise per Rule 4.6, the league office will make the roster adjustments.

EDI - has one QB. Two are required
KUT - has 38 punts. 40 is required
SAL - has no long snapper. One is required.

This message constitutes each team's WARNING per rule 4.6:
4.6 - Teams which do not comply with Rule 4 roster requirements will be given a warning and opportunity to correct their roster before being penalized $500k per infraction applied to the current and next season's salary cap. If the League Office needs to act to bring a franchise into compliance, players will be assigned by alphabetical listing of free agents at the given position and players will be cut on the basis of the lowest salaried player and then by alphabetical order. Teams which make no reasonable attempt to comply with the roster requirements will risk expulsion from the league.

Pre-Season Free Agent Signings
by: MarkB - Saturday 04 September 2021 - 19:29:14
INV - Cuts OL Matt Gono and signs OL Oli Udoh
MOL - Cuts WR Chad Beebe and DE John Simon and signs WE Tyrie Cleveland and OLB Zach Triner
SAL - Cuts K Robbie Gould and CB Quinton Dunbar and signs DE Dee Ford and DT Eddie Goldman
SEA - Cuts OT Greg Little and signs RB Alex Collins
VAN - Cuts S Reggie Robinson and RB Quadree Ollison and signs DT Davon Godchaux and OLB Trevis Gipson
TAM - Cuts OT Zach Banner and signs OT Charlie Heck

The salary of the player cut continues to count against the team's salary cap this season. The players signed have a salary of $0.500 million this season.

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