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December 2014
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Tuesday 16 December 2014
Week 16 - Merry Holidays
by: noodles - Tuesday 16 December 2014 - 23:12:22
Week 16 games can be played anytime from Monday 12/22 to Monday 1/5. Enjoy the eggnog.

Friday 12 December 2014
Let's Transition to an Alternative to Hamachi
by: noodles - Friday 12 December 2014 - 02:18:22
I'm getting more frequent reports of problems with hamachi. As mentioned previously, LogMeIn Hamachi is (slowly) phasing out their free service in favor of an expensive ($99/yr) model. Hamachi recently made me reconfirm my registration then told me they would cut me off yesterday if I didn't pay. After that deadline I played a KRFL game via hamachi without problem. Go figure. Still, the hand-writing is on the wall. However ineptly done, the company is going to (or trying to) shut off the free peer connection service. The best FREE alternative that I've found is Tunngle and I recommend that all members install it, register for a (free) account, and begin transitioning to it.

Download Tunngle here:

Some notes on my initial installation:
1. It seems to be crapware free and makes its money through easily ignored ads on the main user interface.
2. Choose the Simple Install and opt out of the Desktop Gadget and Email updates.
3. After installation, open the desktop icon. It's a fancy interface with lots of sounds and a video but you can close the video and simply "Click here to register" in the yellow bar below the top banner graphic.
4. Register and confirm your registration by following the instructions in the automated email.
5. Close Tunngle and Reopen it.
6. Login at the very bottom of the Tunngle interface.
7. Click on Private Network.
8. Create a Private Network using type:basic and network range: 7.*** standard
9. Write down your private network info.
10. Create your private network (which can accommodate up to 32 members (as opposed to 5 in hamachi). You'll then need to activate your Private Network via a web page. Do so.
11. Close everything down then reopen Tunngle. Sign on in the bottom of the window if you haven't enabled auto-login. At the bottom of the window you'll find your Tunngle Virtual IP. It begins with a 7 (ex.:
12. Your private network name, password, and virtual IP are all you need to connect to your opponent (just like hamachi). Alternatively, you can join a private network if you have that info. I connected with a KRFL member and had no problem playing a few plays so it appears that this will work as a replacement for Hamachi.


Monday 24 November 2014
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
by: noodles - Monday 24 November 2014 - 02:06:02
We always take a break here so Week 13 will be spread over two weeks to accommodate holiday obligations. Games can be played any time between the release of the game file (11/25) and Sunday, December 7th.

Week 14 will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Enjoy the break.

Thursday 20 November 2014
Games to watch
by: noodles - Thursday 20 November 2014 - 02:33:18
The playoffs before the playoffs begin now. Here is a preliminary list of games that should be watched closely as they'll most likely determine the playoff field.

WK 12
WAR @ LAK - a loss by WAR opens the door for SWF. A win by WAR gives them an inside track
LVR @ SAL - LVR needs to win without QB Rodgers
CLE @ NYH - all games in this division are pivotal
WAU @ ALA - all games in this division are pivotal

WK 13
NYH @ PST - last year's Super Bowl winner faces the class of the NFC
CLE @ WAR - likely a must win game for both teams
ALA @ BEN - likely a must win game for BEN

WK 14
CLE @ ALA - all games in this division are pivotal
NYH @ WAU - all games in this division are pivotal
VAN @ LVR - likely a must win for LVR

WK 15
ALA @ NYH - all games in this division are pivotal
BEN @ PST - could decide if BEN makes the playoffs
WAU @ CLE - all games in this division are pivotal

WK 16
ALA @ WAU - should determine the playoff teams in the league's toughest division
NYH @ CLE - should determine the playoff teams in the league's toughest division



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