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February 2015
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Wednesday 28 January 2015
2015 Super Bowl
by: noodles - Wednesday 28 January 2015 - 02:32:26
The 2014-2015 KRFL Super Bowl matchup is set. The Atlanta Alligators vs. the Salem Steers.

Let's review how we go here:

During the off-season, the Alligators acquired QB Russell Wilson in a trade with Cleveland filling in the missing piece for a franchise that has come up short in recent years. Despite modest passing numbers, Wilson led a rag tag group of over-achieving running backs to over 2600 yds in rushing with a 5 yd per carry average. Their grind it out philosophy of keeping the games close led them to a 12-4 regular season record where they won games by a scant 4.2 point average margin. Atlanta barely squeaked by Lakeland (final score: 16-15) to face the juggernaut that was Penn State who at 15-1 were presumptive favorites to win out. The conference championship was not without a little controversy as QB Josh McCown's tired arm led to the second-half substitution of turnover prone Geno Smith and an Atlanta victory. The league is still sorting through the ambiguous usage penalties defined by the game engine but has certified Atlanta's remarkable win.

Salem shares the same ball control offensive approach as Atlanta. In a season where high-powered passing attacks seemed to dominate, it is noteworthy that the old school formula of run first and often then play good defense yielded the two contenders. Salem's success this year was a mild surprise as they traded away some key players in the off-season and appeared to be settling in for a re-building year. With a winning record at the season's midpoint, Salem made aggressive trades to obtain Colin Kaepernick, Victor Cruz, Marcel Reece and Tony Gonzalez and solidify a roster with some major offensive holes. At 13-3, the Steers were the second-seeded team going into the playoffs and beat Waunakee before facing the perennially strong New York Hitmen in the conference championship. A bit of luck helped them there as coach Jeff Paulson recalls: "I am still not sure how we slowed down New York and Peyton Manning. It took a fumble at the one year line, and then a 94 yard run to beat him. In our first playoff game. They were moving up and down the field, yet twice we stopped them inside the ten yard line and they had to settle for field goals. They could have easily blown us out." Opposing coach Cliff Dolgins reported the game changing play occured with NY up 13-7 when at "3rd and 1 at the 1 yard line Reggie Bush fumbles and 2 plays later Chris Ivory takes it 96 yards and momentum changes."

Game Preview
With two teams that are so similar, the slight differences will likely determine the winner. Salem clearly has the better defense while Atlanta has an edge in the passing game. Salem coach Paulson said at his press conference that "they have two of the best wide receivers in all of football [Pierre Garcon and Dez Bryant]! That is going to be a very tough matchup for us. We are going to have to double team those two often and even that will only slow them down a little." Atlanta coach Valentino Montalbano (speaking through a translator) says "their lines of attack and defense are what scare me most." The keys for the game for him are keeping the the score close and timely passing from QB Wilson with the Salem secondary being "the only [weak area] in a "not unbeatable" Salem [team]." For Paulson, the Steers must limit turnovers. "Atlanta is going to put some points up on the board, and we have to be able to move the ball and match them. We have to figure out a way to slow down their two stud wide receivers and not allow their run game to go wild. Finally, we have to make those big plays at the right time. Guys have to step up at the right time."

A big congratulations to both teams for getting to the big game and a bigger congrats to everyone in the KRFL for making this another fun and successful season.

Saturday 10 January 2015
2015 Salary Spreadsheet Before Roster Cuts and Contracts
by: MarkB - Saturday 10 January 2015 - 17:22:08
I have uploaded two versions of a 2015 Salary Spreadsheet to the League Files section on the website:
    An Excel Version (in Excel 2010, a .xlsx file)
      An Adobe Reader (.PDF) version

      This is your salary spreadsheet BEFORE you make any 2015 Roster Cuts and you give contracts to 2014 Rookies and 2014 Free Agents.
      Any Veteran Player with a contract that expired after the 2014 season has been removed from your roster.
      Any Veteran who tender eligible in the 2015 free agent draft appears at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

      If you find any errors or have any questions, please send me an email.

      Mark B

      Thursday 08 January 2015
      Salary Spreadsheet as of the End of the 2014 Regular Season
      by: MarkB - Thursday 08 January 2015 - 22:28:10
      The KRFL Salary Spreadsheet as of the End of the 2014 Regular Season has been posted in the Files area of the website. Please let me know immediately if you find any errors.

      Mark Blume

      Tuesday 06 January 2015
      2014 KRFL Awards
      by: noodles - Tuesday 06 January 2015 - 23:34:00
      2014 KRFL Awards

       Offense-1st Team        Offense-2nd Team         Offense-3rd Team
       RB Charles,J WAU        RB Lacy BAR              RB Bush,R NYH           
       RB Forte PSU            RB Gore SWF              RB Morris,A LAK         
       WR Nelson,J BEN         WR Floyd,M SWF           WR Thomas,D LAK         
       WR Brown,A CLE          WR Jackson,D CLE         WR Jeffery SAL          
       QB Brees RGG            QB Wilson,R ATL          QB Manning,P NYH        
       TE Gates ALA            TE Davis,V BRX           TE Gonzalez SAL         
        C Kalil,R SAL           C Mack,A CIN             C Kelce,J RGG          
        G Mathis,E ALA          G Warford RGG            G Wharton SAL          
        G Sitton PSU            G Grubbs WAR             G Yanda WSS            
        T Thomas,J LAK          T Williams,T BEN         T Gross RGG            
        T Peters,J ATL          T Smith,T SWF            T Staley NYH           

       Defense-1st Team        Defense-2nd Team         Defense-3rd Team
       DT McCoy,G SAL          DT Hatcher PSU           DT Dareus LAK           
       DT Campbell,C BEN       DT Suh CAR               DT Casey,J CCC          
       DE Quinn,R SAL          DE Wake SAL              DE Jordan,C BAY         
       DE Watt LVR             DE Hardy WAU             DE Williams,M RGG       
      ILB Kuechly RGG         ILB Dansby LVR           ILB Timmons ATL          
      OLB Mathis,R CCC        OLB Hali NYH             OLB Suggs SAL            
      OLB David ATL           OLB Davis,T KTZ          OLB Orakpo WAU           
       CB Sherman,R PSU        CB Haden WAU             CB Grimes,B NYH         
       CB Verner PSU           CB Peterson,P CAR        CB Revis LVR            
        S Berry CLE             S Ward,T WAU             S McCourty,D LVR       
        S Thomas,E WAR          S Byrd INV               S Quin RGG             

       Special-1st Team        Special-2nd Team         Special-3rd Team
        K Lindell PSU           K Gano RGG               K Hauschka BAR         
        P Hekker INV            P Lee,A BAY              P Nortman CAR          
       KR Patterson INV        KR Hester RGG            KR Martin,K ALA         
       PR McCluster WSS        PR Harris,D PSU          PR Edelman LVR          

        Offensive MVP          Defensive MVP            Coach of the Year
        1 Brees RGG             1 Sherman,R PSU          1 Jim Rice PSU
        2 Wilson,R ATL          2 Quinn,R SAL            2 Steve Ward RGG
        3 Manning,P NYH         3 Watt LVR               3 Jeff Paulson SAL
        4 Romo BEN              4 Mathis,R CCC           4 Valentino Montalbano ATL
        5 Ryan,M LAK            5 Kuechly RGG            5 Cliff Dolgins NYH
        6 Charles,J WAU         6 David ATL              6 Dan Roach LVR
        7 Foles CLE             7 McCoy,G SAL            7 Mark Blume WAU
        8 Kaepernick SAL        8 Verner PSU             8 Erik Toma LAK
        9 Palmer,C ALA          9 Berry CLE              9 Bob Sarcewicz BEN
       10 Cutler WAU           10 Dansby LVR            10 Mark Haucke ALA
       11 Newton,C VAN         11 Haden WAU             11 Mark Hackworth CLE
       12 Nelson,J BEN         12 Thomas,E WAR          12 Roberto Tosco BAR
       13 Rivers,P CIN         13 Campbell,C BEN        13 Stacy Suddeth SWF
       14 Mathis,E ALA         14 Wake SAL              14 Steve Jenkinson VAN
       15 Brown,A CLE          15 Peterson,P CAR        15 Rick Bieber WAR
       16 Rodgers,A LVR        16 Grimes,B NYH          16 Ralph Fick CCC
       17 Floyd,M SWF          17 Hali NYH              17 Steve Swanson INV
       18 Kalil,R SAL          18 Ward,T WAU            18 Pete Katsafanas KTZ
       19 Thomas,J LAK         19 Hatcher PSU           19 Mike Petrucelli CAR
       20 Peters,J ATL         20 Byrd INV              20 Jerry Banko BAY

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