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Monday 27 February 2017
2017 Member Roll Call
by: MarkB - Monday 27 February 2017 - 22:14:52
The 2017 member roll-call forum is now open. If you plan to continue in KRFL, please go to and sign in for KRFL in 2017.

Teams who don't sign in by Sunday, March 11th 2017 will be considered to be vacated and I will find a new team owner.

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

Saturday 11 February 2017
KRFL Off Season Update February 11, 2017
by: MarkB - Saturday 11 February 2017 - 09:50:53
A lot of information here. PLEASE read this entire post.

First weekend in months with no football, except KRFL football that is.......

Next up on the league calendar is our annual roll-call where members are asked if they will return for the 2017 season. That begins March 1st. I have not heard of anyone who isn’t returning. However, if you know you will not return I would appreciate knowing that as soon as possible so I can work on finding a replacement owner.


For those of you thinking about your roster in the off season, I have posted the 2017 Franchised Player salaries at and a list of the player franchise & tender eligible on each team in the 2017 Free Agent draft at

Speaking of the 2017 Free Agent Draft, it will likely need to be delayed a couple of weeks. My job has changed, again, requiring me to spend more time travelling. I will need to make a trip to Asia June 1st to June 11th. So the Free Agent draft will likely start after I return instead of the normal June 1 start.

The League Rule Book Amendment Proposals & Comment Period will begin March 10. I will be proposing changes to the playoff system and possibly the salary system. PLEASE HOLD YOUR POSTS UNTIL MARCH 10. A new Forum thread has been created for this at


If anyone you wants to make changes to your team’s logo or home field end zone design, let me know and I can work on it. I’ve changed my team colors (the inner female in me is never satisfied!). I am not artist and I use a simple program named But I will do my best for you.


Our rules state:
The assignment of teams to a conference or division will, when possible, be based upon the geographic location of the owners to make scheduling games easier by grouping teams according to time zone. Realignment, if necessary, will take place every three years at the discretion of the League Office.

We made some minor changes last year due to new owners joining us. If you desire to move to a different division to make it easier to schedule your games or for any other reason please inform me and I will see if it possible. One team has already done so, however unless another team wants to change divisions there will most likely be no changes.

I do not believe there is any league wide consensus that we need to do a major reorganization.


That is all I can think of for now. If you have Tom Brady’s Superbowl jersey, he’d like it back and you are in big trouble with the Texas Rangers!

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

Sunday 29 January 2017
Atlanta Alligators are the 2017 KRFL SuperBowl Champions
by: MarkB - Sunday 29 January 2017 - 18:03:19
Congratulations to Valentino Montalbano and the Atlanta Alligators.

Chandler Catazaro hits a 41 yard field goal as time expires, giving Atlanta a 25-24 victory!

Salem 24-16 when Russell Wilson scored on a 1 yard TD run to make it 24-22, but their 2 point conversion failed with 5:13 left in the 4th quarter. Salem could not run the clock out and Atlanta got the ball back with just over 2 minutes left.

On 4th and 9 with 19 seconds left, Wilson hit Humpries on a 20 yard fly to put the team in field goal range for the victory!

CONGRATULATIONS to Valentino on his first KRFL Championship!

Sunday 22 January 2017
Salary Worksheets
by: MarkB - Sunday 22 January 2017 - 09:00:46
For those of you interested, I have uploaded the final 2016 season salary worksheet, and the 2017 Pre-Roster Cut-down Salary worksheet. Both can be found in the League Files section of the website. If you find any errors, let me know immediately.

The 2017 Pre-Roster Cut-Down worksheet reflects the removal of players with expiring contracts. Listed at the bottom of each team's sheet are those players whose contract expired but who are franchise or tender eligible. Remember you can franchise a player only one time in his tenure with your team. I will work on the 2017 franchise player salaries soon and post it.

If any of you cannot open these since they are Microsoft Excel worksheets, let me know and I can save them as .pdf files as well.

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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