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August 2014
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Thursday 28 August 2014
by: noodles - Thursday 28 August 2014 - 03:01:57
Coach Files are due
Please send in your coach files to Jerry by this weekend at the latest.

Team Fields
I think it was Jamie Watkins, former owner of Carolina who created a bunch of custom fields for the KRFL. If you have any of those fields (or have the email of the creator of those fields so I can see if he still has them), please send them to me. I'd really like to individualize the KRFL by using unique fields and logos for each team and honor the effort he put in to creating those fields. I need them as soon as possible so I can update the league file after Jerry releases it and before we begin this year's campaign.

Tuesday 26 August 2014
Team Fields and Logos
by: noodles - Tuesday 26 August 2014 - 02:23:52
We haven't done this before officially but it's a fun idea. This season we're going to collect your jpgs for your team fields, logos, and helmets, and compile them into a downloadable file that everyone can install to make the league more personalized. If you have images you would like to have included, please send them to me asap. Three years ago, former league member Jamie created a bunch of personalized fields for people who requested them. Dust them off and send them in or create your own new ones using the generic fields the game provides as your template. Logos should be submitted as jpgs that are 140 X 140 pixels.

Hamachi Once More
There have been no further reports of it not working except Mike (CAR) reports:
"I had an issue with Hamachi after registering the free version. After the trial period ended I was required to buy the program. I uninstalled Hamachi, re-downloaded the free trial version but did not register it and have had no problems using it to connect."

Thursday 21 August 2014
Coach Files are Due
by: noodles - Thursday 21 August 2014 - 18:37:21
It's time to set your rosters and send your coach file to Jerry so he can put together the league file. Please include the league and team name in the subject of your email (example: KRFL Cincinnati Coach File). Submit them before next Friday.


Instructions for New Members:

Go to your team Roster
Set your lineups under the formation heading
(Highlight a player on your roster then double-click on the formation position player you'd like to replace)
Click OK
Open Up Roster again
Computer Coach
Export Coach
(Note where the file will be written)
Hit Ok
Exit the Game
Go to c://dksports-data/football/seasons/whateverfolderyousaveditto/
and find
YourTeam.COA (example Cincinnati.COA)
send a copy of this file to Jerry Banko, the League Statistician

Saturday 09 August 2014
New Member
by: noodles - Saturday 09 August 2014 - 02:23:21
Welcome to James Riley, new owner of the Cincinnati Swarm. James is from Kentucky where he is "living in the witness protection program, wanted in a number of states and one foreign country for various crimes, mostly of a procrastinary nature." He is a long time board gamer but new to pc sports sims in general and APCFB in particular so be kind to him.

Our best thoughts to Rick Tharp who will be on hiatus while he deals with a serious matter at home.

On Hamachi: Part Two
Apparently, announcements of Hamachi's demise have been premature. Erik and Jim have both reported using Hamachi in their summer leagues without any problems. There are a number of plausible scenarios about why the reports that Hamachi no longer works have emerged including, and most likely, that LogMeIn is moving to an all subscription model. For now, we're going to assume that Hamachi is still our go to option but we'll monitor the situation and switch to a free alternative if it becomes necessary. In the meantime, it would be smart to have a little pre-season connectivity test so I am scheduling pre-season scrimmages. Take five minutes over the next week or two to connect with your opponent and play enough of a quarter to feel confident that everything is working with your preferred method of playing head to head. Report any problems on the forum.

Pre-Season Scrimmages

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