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Tuesday 22 May 2018
KRFL Rookie Draft Delayed Until June 4th
by: MarkB - Tuesday 22 May 2018 - 21:36:50
Steve Ward and I are working with the programmer to try to eliminate the one remaining bug in the draft website. Therefore I have decided to push the Rookie Draft back to June 4th - June 8th.

At this time, the Free Agent Draft remains scheduled for June 18th - July 14, but I may end up pushing that back a week also.

Sorry guys, but I want to make sure the updates to the draft software are working properly.


Sunday 20 May 2018
KRFL Update
by: MarkB - Sunday 20 May 2018 - 17:41:58
I've uploaded a new league file and salary worksheet to reflect Chris Culler taking over the former Pittsburgh team. Chris's team will be named the Black Hills Phoenix.

I've also updated the KRFL Logo and Stadiums file to include Black Hills. Please download or re-download those files. The are found under the "MIsc. Files" link on the top left hand side of the league website.

Last but not least, the Rookie Draft. The programmer is still trying to work out one last programming bug. If this gets done today or tomorrow, I'd like to run the Rookie Draft as scheduled starting May 29 and run a draft trial later this week as a refesher for long time members and a trial for the new members, IF the programmer can't get it done, I will likely delay it a week. I will keep you posted.


Saturday 12 May 2018
New Member
by: MarkB - Saturday 12 May 2018 - 03:53:46
Please welcome Chris Culler to KRFL. He will take over the vacated Pittsburgh team and has renamed it the Black Hills Phoenix. I will get the league file and salary worksheet updated to reflect the new name and colors the week of May 20.

Welcome aboard Chris!

Tuesday 08 May 2018
KRFL Update
by: MarkB - Tuesday 08 May 2018 - 23:05:42
Thank you to Steve Ward for making the roster cuts to the vacant Pittsburgh/Brick team. I looking for a new owner for the team. If you know anyone who would be interest in joining the league, please provide me with the name, email address, and how you know them.

A league file and salary worksheet after all the roster cuts has been posted in the League Files section of the website. Please download this and review it and notify me IMMEDIATELY if you find any errors on your roster or player contracts.

The league calendar can be found on the league website. Please look it over. I am hoping top have a new owner in place by May 22 so as not to delay the Rookie Draft. However a delay is possible. I'll make a decision on that soon.

Please note I am on vacation May 10-20, in a time zone six hours behind Eastern time (you can figure out where that might be) with limited email access, so my responses to emails may be delayed.


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