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Saturday 28 May 2016
2016 Free Agent Draft: Tender Eligible Players and Rules
by: MarkB - Saturday 28 May 2016 - 08:45:33
Below is a list of tender eligible players by team. This information can be found at the bottom of each team's page in the salary spreadsheet.

McCourty, Jason CB

Bryant, Dez WR
Galette, Junior OLB
Reed, Brooks LB

Brown, Duane T
Carpenter, James T

De La Puente, Brian C-G
Fairley, Nick DT
Sherrod, Derek T

Heyward, Cameron DE
Klug, Karl DE
Thomas, Demaryius WR


Bryant, Desmond DL

Manning, Eli QB
Decker, Eric WR
Gilbert, Marcus T

Harris. Dwayne WR
Jenkins, Jarvis DT
Jennings, Tim CB
Lewis, Kendrick CB

Graham, Corey CB
Hill, Sammie DT
Long, Kyle G

Celek, Brent TE
Colquitt, Dustin P
Davis, Thomas OLB
Houston, Lamarr DT
Spiller, C.J. RB
Williams, Tramon CB
Wilson, Kyle CB

Lynch, Marshawn RB
Acho, Sam LB
Bowers, Da'Quan DE
Hughes, Jerry DE


Ingram, Mark RB
Manning, Peyton QB
Wendell, Ryan C-G

Bennett, Michael DE
Forte, Matt RB
Jones, Adam CB
Vereen, Shane RB

Bushrod, Jermon T
Graham, James TE
Johnson, Calvin WR
Mebane, Brandon DT

Kruger, Paul DE-LB

Cruz, Victor WR
Ivory, Chris RB
McCoy, Gerald DT

Asamoah, Jon
Brady, Tom
Smith, Jimmy
Smith, Torrey

Burnett, Morgan S
Dumervil, Elvis DE
Robison, Brian DE

Veldheer, Jared T

Mangold, Nick C
Joseph, Linval DT

Davis, Vontae CB

Helu, Roy RB
Sheard, Jabaal DE

Tender Rules are as follows:
( This is from the draft instructions) :
Tender Offers must be submitted by email to the Commissioner before the conclusion of drafting on the previous day. The email should include the name of the player tendered, his position, your team name and the next day's round (salary tier) that your offer will be applied to. All Tender Offers are provisional because it is possible that another team will draft your tender offered player at a higher salary if the current round hasn't concluded. Successful tenders will be processed after the day's draft concludes and prior to the next day's rounds and can be found listed under Tender Selections. Tendered players do not count as draft picks for the round in which they are tendered (ex. a team tendering a player in round five can still make their round five pick).

So lets assume we are in the $7.5 million round and RVC wants to tender Paul Kruger at the $5million salary round. RVC must email me BEFORE 9pm Eastern Time on the day of the $7.5 million round. Assuming nobody drafts him in the $7.5mil round, I process the tender offer after the $7.5mil round is complete. He is added to RVC's roster at the $5mil salary. RVC does not lose a draft pick in the $5million round to do this.

I post tenders for each round on the draft website on the selections page. So that is where to look at the beginning of each round. I will also try to remember to send out an email whenever a player is tendered.

As always, any questions, please ask.

Mark Blume

Free Agent Draft - Players Needed & Salary Available
by: MarkB - Saturday 28 May 2016 - 08:29:15
Below is a table showing the number of players each team need to draft in the free agent draft and the salary available to do so. Remember the salary cap at the end of the free agent draft is $83 million and you must end the draft with 52 active players.

Team - Players Needed in Free Agent Draft - Money Available During Free Agent Draft ($83M Cap)
ALA 23 $45.200
ATL 22 $30.050
BAY 21 $52.450
BEN 21 $19.450
BRI 16 $14.650
BRX 11 $23.550
CCC 17 $20.300
CLE 28 $42.250
INV 26 $28.950
KEN 20 $17.850
KUT 13 $20.250
LON 23 $20.650
LVR 15 $14.150
NYH 27 $30.500
PST 22 $44.150
RGG 23 $41.150
RVC 26 $49.900
SAL 20 $21.600
SEA 19 $40.050
SWF 30 $42.450
TAM 22 $32.250
VAN 26 $28.650
WAR 26 $19.250
WSS 30 $13.000

2016 Free Agent Draft Info - IMPORTANT EMAIL
by: MarkB - Saturday 28 May 2016 - 08:20:38

The 2016 KRFL Free Agent Draft will being in 9am EDT on Wednesday June 1.

The daily draft schedule is two rounds per day. The first round will start at 9am EDT and end at approximately 2:45pm EDT. The second daily round will start at approximately 3pm EDT and end at approximately 9pm EDT. PLEASE NOTE that other than the 9am EDT start time ALL OTHER TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. As we found with last year's draft, the draft software tends to run ahead of schedule and if someone manually picks or has their autopick set for less than 15 minutes, that also cause the draft to run ahead of schedule. So please be aware of this.

Updated Draft Instructions can be found here:

The draft itself can be found here:

Both links can always be found on the league website in the upper left hand corner.

If you used this software last year you are already registered and can login using the same info.
If you forgot your password, write the Commissioner who will clear the old password so you can register again.

PLEASE log into the draft website, go to the GM tab and set your "Turn on AutoPick to After" to 15 minutes. Please do this even if you do not intend to use the autopick feature.

A forum thread for questions has been set up here
although I will response to emails faster and I will not be able to monitor the forum during the day.

Any questions please ask.

Your patience and understanding with the draft software is requested. We know it is not perfect, so we may have a glitch of two.
Please remember this is a hobby and not life or death.


Mark Blume

2016 Free Agent Draft Calendar (Subject to Revision)

Beginning of Draft
Wed 6/1: Round 1: $10 million & Round 2: $7.5 million
Thur 6/2: Rounds 3-4: $5.0 million (*)
Fri 6/3: Rounds 5-6: $4 million (*)

Mon 6/6: Rounds 7-8: $3 million (*)
Tue 6/7: Rounds 9-10: $2 million
Wed 6/8: Rounds 11-12: $2 million (*)
Thur 6/9: Rounds 13-14: $1 million
Fri 6/10: Rounds 15-16: $1 million (*)

Mon 6/13: Rounds 17-18: $500,000
Tue 6/14: Rounds 19-20: $500,000 (*)
Wed 6/15: Rounds 21-22: $300,000
Thur 6/16: Rounds 23-24: $300,000 (*)
Fri 6/17: Rounds 25-34: $100,000 (*)
End of Draft

(*) Supplemental Picks
If you would like to make an extra Supplemental pick at any of these salary tiers (it follows the final pick at each salary level), notify the Commissioner by email the day before. Extra picks will be entered into the schedule based on the draft order.

DAILY SCHEDULE (also subject to revision)

All Times EDT
Note: These times are approximate. If you aren't set to Auto Pick, you should be available to monitor the draft's progress. It is recommended that you enable email notifications of when you are on the clock.

MORNING ROUNDS (Based on original draft order, so this DOES NOT reflect traded picks)
1. TAM 9:00 AM
2. INV 9:15 AM
3. BEN 9:30 AM
4. BAY 9:45 AM
5. BRX 10:00 AM
6. PST 10:15 AM
7. ALA 10:30 AM
8. WSS 10:45 AM
9. KEN 11:00 AM
10. LON 11:15 AM
11. SEA 11:30 AM
12. RGG 11:45 AM
13. SWF 12:00 PM
14. SAL 12:15 PM
15. RVC 12:30 PM
16. VAN 12:45 PM
17. KUT 1:00 PM
18. CCC 1:15 PM
19. CLE 1:30 PM
20. ATL 1:45 PM
21. WAR 2:00 PM
22. NYH 2:15 PM
23. BRI 2:30 PM
24. LVR 2:45 PM

1. TAM 3:15PM
2. INV 3:30PM
3. BEN 3:45PM
4. BAY 4:00PM
5. BRX 4:15PM
6. PST 4:30PM
7. ALA 4:45PM
8. WSS 5:00PM
9. KEN 5:15PM
10. LON 5:30PM
11. SEA 5:45PM
12. RGG 6:00PM
13. SWF 6:15PM
14. SAL 6:30PM
15. RVC 6:45PM
16. VAN 7:00PM
17. KUT 7:15PM
18. CCC 7:30PM
19. CLE 7:45PM
20. ATL 8:00PM
21. WAR 8:15PM
22. NYH 8:30PM
23. BRI 8:45PM
24. LVR 9:00PM

Important Excerpts from Rule 6.0 - FREE AGENT AND ROOKIE DRAFTS
6.1 - Only players appearing on the Action! PC Football disk are eligible to be drafted during the free agent draft.

6.5 - An owner may pass during any round of the free agent draft, but must eventually fill all 52-roster spots while staying under the salary cap. For examples, if you do not wish to pay $10 million for a franchise player or you cannot afford to pay $10 million for said player, you can pass during round one.

6.6 - All owners are responsible for keeping track of their team's total salary during the free agent draft. If any owner exceeds the salary cap limits, the owner will lose the fewest number of free agent players just drafted necessary to get under that salary cap maximum limit and get an opportunity to complete their roster. When possible, the last player(s) chosen in the draft at the salary range required to open enough cap room will be the first player released.

6.7 - Any player automatically released due to the infraction described in Rule 6.6 above may not be re-acquired by the same owner as a free agent during the remainder of the season.

Reminder of Rule on KRFL Roster Requirements
4.3 - At the start of each season, each owner must have at least the following number of attempts by skilled players on their rosters:

a. 400 pass attempts
b. 300 rushes
c. 200 receptions
d. 20 field goal attempts
e. 40 punts
f. 15 kickoff returns
g. 20 punt returns (including fair catches)

4.4 - At the start of each game, each roster must include 52 players including the following minimum number of players at the following positions:

2 Quarterbacks
3 Running Backs
6 Receivers (minimum of 1 Tight End)
7 Offensive Linemen (minimum of 1 Center, 2 Tackles, and 2 Guards)
1 Place Kicker
1 Punter
6 Defensive Linemen (minimum of 2 Defensive Tackles and 2 Defensive Ends)
6 Linebackers (minimum of 1 Inside LB and 2 Outside LBs)
7 Defensive Backs (minimum of 2 Cornerbacks and 2 Safeties)
1 Kick Returner
1 Punt Returner
1 Long Snapper
1 Holder
Note: Halfbacks can be used as TEs or RBs.

Thursday 26 May 2016
2016 Rookie Draft is Complete
by: MarkB - Thursday 26 May 2016 - 22:11:58
The 2016 Rookie Draft is complete. It went very smoothly, thank you all.

I will get an updated salary worksheet out this weekend so you can verify your picks were corrected added.

Next up is the Free Agent draft which will begin June 1st.
The draft website is ready to go and can be found at
You will need to use your same team ID as the Rookie Draft and the same password as last year's free agent draft. If you can't remember your password, let me know and I can clear yours out and you can re-register. Ian (LON) needs to register as he joined us after the free agent draft last year. Everyone else is already registered.

PLEASE review the draft instructions at
The free agent draft is a little different because of the player tenders (which must be made BEFORE the round begins) and because you can skip picks in rounds you do not want to pick in. Again, PLEASE review the instructions and ask questions.

If anyone wants to run a trial/mock draft to try the software, let me know.

Mark Blume

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