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Welcome to the KRFL website.
The Knute Rockne Football League was founded in 2001 by Jim Doyle, who served with distinction as our first commissioner thru mid-2003. The KRFL is a 24-team league that simulates the NFL using the Action PC Football game available from Dave Koch Sports ( We have our own rookie draft, our own free agency, and our own salary cap and player retention system. Our 24 members have many diverse interests, but they share one common bond, the love of NFL football. For further information or to apply for membership, contact the KRFL commissioner.


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Saturday 22 July 2017
2017 Team Logos and Fields Posted
by: MarkB - Saturday 22 July 2017 - 10:28:08
I have posted the 2017 team logo file and 2017 team fields files in the "Misc. Files" link on the home page. You can find the link in the upper left hand corner of the home page and/or

Save each file to your computer, then:

Team Logos File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports\football\TeamLogos folder

Team Fields File - Extract the contents of the file, just as you would the weekly league file, to your dksports\football\Stadiums folder



Wednesday 12 July 2017
Free Agent Daft Complete: Files Posted, Roster Compliance, Schedule
by: MarkB - Wednesday 12 July 2017 - 13:55:24
The free agent draft is complete. The updated League File and Salary Worksheet can be found in the League Files section of the KRFL website. Let me know Immediately if you find any errors. I will work on making sure all the team logo's and fields are working properly. I think they may have gotten out of whack as I've been going back and forth between my home and work computers.

The only roster issues I have found so far are:
BAR does not have the 1 required Long Snapper
INV has 5 defensive lineman and the rules require 6 defensive lineman
BAR & INV either need to make a trade to be in compliance or use the Free Agent signing the occurs one week before the season starts.

On the Salary Worksheet, the recently drafted 2018 Rookies listed at the bottom of each team's page

A reminder of the League Calendar:
Now until the deadline for week #4 games: Trading is Open
28 August - 1 Sept - Free agent signing period. A MAXIMUM of TWO players can be signed.
4 Sept - Week #1 coach's file due
5 Sept - Start of the 17th KRFL Regular Season

Thanks to all of you for making the free agent draft go so smoothly. And a special "thank you" to assist commissioner Steve Ward for starting & running the draft when I could not. If you have any suggestions, please post them at

Mark Blume

Sunday 02 July 2017
Free Agent Draft Resumes Tomorrow
by: MarkB - Sunday 02 July 2017 - 20:32:23
Just a reminder that the KRFL Free Agent draft resumes tomorrow with two rounds at the $0.100 million salary level.

Mon 7/3: Rounds 25-26: $100,000
Tue 7/4: Rounds 27-28: $100,000
Wed 7/5: Rounds 29-30: $100,000
Thur 7/6: Rounds 31-32: $100,000
Fri 7/7: Rounds 33-34: $100,000

Mon 7/10: Rounds 35-36: $100,000
Tue 7/11: Rounds 37- 38: $100,000 (RVC & BRX have more than one pick in round 38)

Reminder of Rule on KRFL Roster Requirements
4.3 - At the start of each season and throughout the entire season (including the playoffs), each owner must have at least the following number of attempts by skilled players on their rosters:
a. 400 pass attempts
b. 300 rushes
c. 200 receptions
d. 20 field goal attempts
e. 40 punts
f. 15 kickoff returns
g. 20 punt returns (including fair catches)

4.4 - At the start of each game, each roster must include 52 players including the following minimum number of players at the following positions:

2 Quarterbacks
3 Running Backs*
6 Receivers (minimum of 1 Tight End*)
7 Offensive Linemen (minimum of 1 Center, 2 Tackles, and 2 Guards)
1 Place Kicker
1 Punter
6 Defensive Linemen (minimum of 2 Defensive Tackles and 2 Defensive Ends)
6 Linebackers (minimum of 1 Inside LB and 2 Outside LBs)
7 Defensive Backs (minimum of 2 Cornerbacks and 2 Safeties)
1 Kick Returner
1 Punt Returner
1 Long Snapper
1 Holder
*Halfbacks can be used as TEs or RBs.

Thursday 29 June 2017
by: MarkB - Thursday 29 June 2017 - 22:41:32

Unfortunately I uncovered an issue tonight and as a result I feel the draft should be suspended until Monday.

Tonight I discovered that Warrington’s roster cuts were not processed on the League File I have been using. So there were 14 players on WAR’s roster that should not be. These players should be included as available players in the Draft. The players are listed below and will be deleted from WAR’s roster and put into the draft.

While none of these players are All-Pro’s (after all, they were cut by WAR), I have decided to suspend the draft so that everyone has a chance to take a look at these players over the weekend, and because I need to add them to the draft website. I also found some errors on RVC, RGG and SAL’s rosters on the league file. So I need time to take a look at other team’s roster.

So, the Draft will resume Monday with the start of the $0.100 million salaries rounds. And I will send out a new league file later tonight.

I am very sorry for this situation. I am not sure how both Rick and I missed this on the league file after all this time.

Mark Blume

Players Removed from WAR’s Roster:
Kenjon Barner RB
Luke Bowanko C
Quan Bray WR
Arthur Brown ILB
Xavier Cooper DL
Orleans Darkwa RB
Jon Feliciano C-G
Jordan Hill DT
Dustin Hopkins K
Charley Hughlett C
John Jenkins DT
Luke Joeckel G-T
Zach Line RB
Brad Nortman P
Buster Skrine CB

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