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Wed Jul 14 2021, 02:02a.m.

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Predictions for the 2021 KRFL Season from the Kreskin of pigskin prognostication: "Predictions so accurate that there is no point to actually playing the game"

Before we get to this upcoming year, let's take a moment to applaud Stacy Suddeth who last year coached the Southwest Florida Storm to a PERFECT SEASON! I'm not sure that his accomplishment can ever be repeated. When we all gather together in football heaven the drinks are on him. Until then, he shares Best KRFL Coach Ever honors with Cliff Dolgins of the New York Hitmen who has won, I believe, six championships. Feel free to resent both of them because what is a sport that doesn't include bitter rivalries and petty dislikes? Tiddly Winks. Go forth and actualize my soothsaying. Play hard, play fair, heck, play drunk, but remember, steroids are for losers.

Team (2020 record) 2021 prediction (* indicates 2021 playoff team)(# playoff bubble)
This could be the Eagles year to win the division if their weak tea defense can keep them close enough in the game for late game heroics from RB Dalvin Cook and QB Josh Allen. The Nittany Lions, as always, are a threat to go deep into the playoffs. The Renegades poor defense will keep them from breaking .500 while the Bobcats pair of bad QBs setup another losing season.
Warrington (5-11) 12-4 *
Penn State (11-5) 12-4 *
Kutztown (8-8) 7-9 #
Bensalem (7-9) 6-10

Apparently the era of the fullback is over. Not a single team in this division (along with at least four other teams across the league) has a blocking back signed to their roster. The Storm remains the class of the division by a smidge but could be challenged by an improved squad of Archers. The Phoenix and the Jazz are in similar positions, two solid teams waiting for quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Tua Tagovailoa to mature into franchise players before they'll challenge for a championship.
Southwest Florida (16-0) 12-4 *
Moline (5-11) 8-8 #
Black Hills (6-10) 6-10
Kentucky (2-14) 6-10

Hands down the toughest division in the league. After beating each other up in intra-division games, whoever comes out on top is a serious Super Bowl contender. The nod goes to the Alligators, only because they have a steady veteran in Russell Wilson at QB. After two years of rebuilding, the Beavers are formidable but are relying upon a geriatric Big Ben under center. We can only envy the fact that they have BOTH the league's best running back and offensive line for him to run behind. If the Steelers had a QB worthy of being a starter, they just could be the best team in the conference. Let's just call the Dragons a work in progress.
Atlanta (10-6) 13-3 *
Bay City (5-11) 13-3 *
Pittsburgh (8-8) 11-5 #
Barcelona (7-9) 4-12

The Steers rebound after a disappointing covid era and just might be the favorite to win the conference title. Nearly as strong on paper are the Monks who I see as Salem's biggest challenge. The Grunge falls back to mediocrity after an excellent 2020 campaign while the Seahawks are simply pitiful.
Salem (4-11-1) 13-3 *
Des Moines (10-6) 12-4 *
Seattle (11-4-1) 7-9 #
West Seattle (6-10) 2-14

The Commodores and the Rocks look to build on their success last season with Vancouver being the presumptive favorite to go farthest in the playoffs. The Grimps improve slightly and get back to their status as exemplars of mediocrity while the Bandits will remain stuck treading water as long as QB Jared Goff is their leader.
Vancouver (12-4) 11-5 *
Cleveland (13-3) 10-6 *
Rolling Green (6-10) 8-8 #
Tampa Bay (9-7) 6-10

The weakest division in the league with only one likely playoff team. That would be the Hitmen who are decidely so-so but have the advantage of having the league's best QB in Aaron Rodgers. The Hawks could play spoiler depending on how much they can squeeze out of their trio of graybeard signal calling veterans. The Infidels will exceed their performance from last year, guaranteed, while the Chargers will cause trouble until their thin crop of recievers succumbs to inevitable injuries.
New York (13-3) 10-6 *
Alabama (9-7) 7-9 #
Inverness (0-16) 6-10
Edison (8-8) 5-11
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Wed Jul 14 2021, 09:48a.m.
Mark Blume

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Excellent analysis Swamy! I very much enjoy reading these, especially at the trade deadline and again at the end of the season

Insofar as Perfect Seasons. In addition to SW Florida in 2021, there have been two others in KRFL history: 2005 New York (Cliff) and 2011 Salem (Jeff)

And, Cliff leads the way with five league championships followed by Jeff with four. Dave Cohen who have the Kendall franchise (and which is now Tampa Bay) had three championships in 2001-2004. You can find all that history at
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Thu Jul 15 2021, 05:23p.m.
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Thanks for doing these. I am light years better then last season. I should be worth 7 wins.....HA!!!
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Thu Jul 15 2021, 08:09p.m.
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Fun read. I hope to be in the playoff hunt this year but Lamar Jackson is the 20th ranked QB by salary. On the positive side he is a 1,000 yard rusher again.
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Fri Jul 16 2021, 10:32a.m.
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Personally, I don’t think I’ll get beyond 8-8 without some trading.
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