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Mon Sep 07 2020, 03:24a.m.

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2020 predictions

It wouldn't be a season wthout my preseason prognostications so here we go. No crying if I say you're going to suck. Obversely, don't get all
full of yourself if I predict a great season for you because I'm often wrong even if I am the best (if only) expert on these matters. Have fun. Be safe.
Don't drink to excess.

Perennial tough guys, Penn State, looks a bit underwhelming this year with a thin offense behind Tom Brady. Their solid defense still makes them the favorite to win the division unless my
pick Warrington lives up to expectations. Warrington will need to squeeze everything they can out of QB Josh Allen and hope their shaky DBs stay healthy but the division title is theirs for the taking.
Bensalem is decidely mediocre and should be nervous with their vulnerable pass defense that gets to hide behind sackmeisters Melvin Ingram and Myles Garrett but only when they're healthy. If Kutztown can reach
.500 they will have over-achieved.
Bensalem 6-10
Kutztown 5-11
Penn State 10-6
Warrington 10-6

Southwest Florida is the presumptive favorite to win the NFC title. Don't bother even trying to throw the ball against them. Moline has a kickass offense but a paper-thin defense. Blacks Hills is waiting to see if
Baker Mayfield can make something of himself while woebegotten Kentucky is biding their time until Tua can takeover in the future for the failed franchise qb Jameis Winston.
Moline 7-9
Kentucky 4-12
Black Hills 6-10
SWFlorida 14-2

This season's toughest division with both Atlanta and Pittsburgh fielding teams that should vie for the conference title. Barcelona is no slouch but they desperately need an NFL caliber starting QB.
Bay City threw in their cards last season to accumulate a couple hundred draft picks. In a couple years, watch out.
Atlanta 13-3
Barcelona 7-9
Bay City 5-11
Pittsburgh 14-2

The upstart Des Moines team should be the best in the division if not the entire conference. That is, if they can survive a brutal division schedule against the always stout Salem and the surprising
Seattle who has put together their best team in years. Seattle's league best OL should help bolster a weak offense. Their cross town rivals, West Seattle, has one bright spot - Christian McCaffery.
Des Moines 12-4
Salem 9-7
Seattle 10-6
West Seattle 2-14

Across the board mediocrity makes this the league's most competitive division with Tampa Bay the most likely to advance deep into the playoffs by riding a defense that is strong from top to bottom.
Cleveland and Vancouver will be battling for a wildcard slot.
Cleveland 8-8
Rolling Green 7-9
Tampa Bay 11-5
Vancouver 9-7

It wasn't that long ago that this was yearly the toughest division in the league. Not this year. One game above .500 wins the division's playoff slot. All the rest are also-rans.
Alabama 8-8
Edison 4-12
New York 6-10
Inverness 9-7
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Mon Sep 07 2020, 08:32a.m.
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Thanks for giving my Pittsburgh Steelers the kiss of death :)
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Mon Sep 07 2020, 08:40a.m.
Mark Blume

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Well done!
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Mon Sep 07 2020, 07:20p.m.
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Thanks for the predictions. Always enjoyable!!
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Wed Sep 09 2020, 11:58a.m.
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the BAY CITY prediction is puzzling to me.... the team compares favorably in many areas to teams predicted to finish 6-7 games above them.... plus their comment in the writeup is the same used last year
regarding rookies; semingly ignoring all the free agent acquisitions....
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Wed Sep 09 2020, 12:18p.m.
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I would agree, Bay City is in the mix of that dog fight.
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Wed Sep 09 2020, 08:55p.m.
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It is going to be a fun year. Des Moines will definitely make the playoffs, but if KRFL betting were allowed - I would put my money on Seattle to win it all.

I think I am just in disbelief that both Patrick Maholmes AND Lamar Jackson are in my division!
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Thu Sep 10 2020, 03:24a.m.

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Bay City just might be right that I underestimated them. Not the first time I got it wrong. Have a great season, Jerry! Ditto to all, especially those where I've similarly misread their prospects. Take Salem's comments re: Seattle. It would make me smile if they exceeded my predictions.
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Thu Jul 08 2021, 06:20p.m.

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The results of the 2020 season
Let's see how off I was.
I was spot on with 3 teams (BLK, BAR, and, believe it or not (see comments above), BAY!).
I was one game off with 5 teams (PST, BEN, SEA, RGG, and ALA).
I was two off with 4 teams (SWF, MOL, KEN, DES, TAM).

Here are the misses (number of games off in parentheses).
KUT (3)
ATL (3)
WSS (4)
EDI (4)
WAR (5)
SAL (5)
CLE (5)
PIT (6)
NYH (7)
INV (9)

LESSON: Don't place bets based on my predictions.
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Fri Jul 09 2021, 09:06a.m.
Mark Blume

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noodles wrote ...

LESSON: Don't place bets based on my predictions.

None the less, we all eagerly await your 2021 Pre-Season Analysis!!!
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