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Sat May 02 2020, 06:51p.m.
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I was just thinking about this rule we changed a couple of years ago...

13.4 - Any veteran player whose contract has not expired must be protected or cut with a salary cap
penalty unless they have a DUR rating (durability) is no more than 3 (i.e. is 3 or less) as noted in Rule

Originally, this rule was changed from 3 games to a durability of 3. I think we changed it because some players played very few snaps but played 4 or more games and we weren't allowed to cut them without a penalty. I think it was a good decision.

However, this rule does not work for backup QBs. For instance, I was just looking at Jarrett Stidham. He played in only 3 games but has a durability of 10. I would be able to cut him under the old rules, but not the new rules. I think this needs to be fixed. Perhaps the rule should read no more than 3 games OR a durability of 3 or less. Just FYI - this does not apply to anyone on my team this year - not trying to pull a fast one. But it may hurt others in our league this year or eventually.
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Sat May 02 2020, 09:51p.m.
Mark Blume

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Before it was changed, the rule was four games. Four games on the active roster is 25% of the season. It gets rounded up to 30% in the game, or a Durability rating of 3.

The Durability rating is based on games on a NFL team's game day active (46 player) roster. While Stidham only appeared in three games, he was on the active roster all 16 games. Hence he gets a Durability rating of 10.
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