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Wed Jun 26 2019, 07:13a.m.

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Just in case this comes up again in the future....

From: algy krebbs
Date: Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 1:15 AM
Subject: Re: Draft Issue - Important
To: Mark Blume

FA Draft Note:
We had a slight issue with one team, Tampa Bay, involving the salary cap. In a nutshell, our Commissioner and TAM owner found a formula error in the spreadsheet that gave him $2.2m more than he really had. To resolve this matter, and to remove any possibility of conflict of interest, he asked me, the former commissioner, to find a fair solution. Recalling a similar matter in the past, my decision is that CB Tre Flowers (drafted at $2m) will be removed from the TAM roster and the Free Agent pool entirely (including during the season). That will bring TAM into compliance and prevent any other team from getting a $2m player at a discount.
Carry on footballers.

Steve Ward
Rolling Green Grimps


On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 8:48 PM Mark Blume wrote:


I just uncovered a draft issue with my own team and I need a “league decision” how to handle it.

I just found an error in the salary worksheet for my team. In the calculation of the total team salary, it was ignoring the player listed at the top. That happened to be a player with a $2.2 mil salary. As a result, my team salary at this time is $83.65 mil instead of the $81.35 mil I thought it was. Obviously, I am already over the salary cap and I still need to draft 11 players. ARGH?!?!?!?

I’d have to cut my last two draft picks (total salary of $3.0 mil) to get back into compliance. I guess I can do that but it is so late at night it would not be fair to everyone to throw them into the draft pool for tomorrow. I’d have to do it before the $500k rounds start on Thursday, and two teams would get good players at cheap salaries. So I’d rather not.

Another option I can think of is since salaries increase by $5.0 mil at the start of the season, I just keep going as if I am still at the $81.35 mil I thought I was at (which leaves me drafting 9-10 $100k players and either one at $500 or two at $300). At the end of the draft I will be $1.75-$2.15 mil over the cap until it increases by $5.0 mil.

If it were someone else’s team and I made the same error, I’d go with option 2 since, although they are supposed to be looking at their own salary worksheet, I was the one who screwed it up. But this affects my team, so I obviously cannot make the decision on my own and so I am asking you for a ruling.

Feel free to consult with others, then let me know ASAP what is decided.

Thanks and very sorry for this error.

Tampa Bay

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