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Tue Jun 18 2019, 08:17a.m.

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After what happened yesterday, I've made the decision to return to our past rule which was there was no trading during the drafts.

Some Background...
Prior to Steve Ward's tenure as commissioner, trading wasn't allowed during the drafts. In Steve's first or second year we had a member who convinced the majority that we should allow it. There was no official vote, just a decision by popular acclamation so Steve allowed it but only after that member agreed to keep the books during the drafts (a task that required near constant monitoring and one that he did diligently.) It was chaotic but fun. Steve always suspected that it was a bad idea given that it required that constant monitor by a dutiful bookkeeper and his reluctance was quickly born out when that member quit and we were left without anybody who could fill that bookkeeping role. As a consequence, again without a vote, Steve came up with a compromise allowing trading as long as trades were posted and confirmed by 10pm ET on the night prior. Steve has no recollection as to why that 10pm deadline was written up as a suggestion rather than as a hard rule.

Because of the chaos caused yesterday morning by a trade posted overnight and the subsequent trading of one of the draft picks acquired in that draft which wasn't a trade because ti was never posted and confirmed on the league forum, I believe the best and easiest solution is to return to the original ban on in-draft trading. Given the history, I do not feel we need to run this through the amendment process. It is an executive decision following a executive decision which was followed by yet another executive decision. I'm confident you will understand and embrace the return to the old procedure based on this historical justification.

So, trading will end at the end of the $2.0 million rounds this year and beginning next year there will be hard trading deadlines leading up to the drafts and no trading during the drafts.


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Tue Jun 18 2019, 10:00a.m.
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