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Sat Apr 13 2019, 10:08p.m.

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Voting is complete. It takes a 2/3's majority, or 16 Yes votes for a proposal to pass.

Proposal One: Increase Roster Size from 52 to 53. This proposal FAILED to pass with 14 yes votes and 10 no votes.

Proposal Two: Free Agents Signed During Period One Week before Season Begins can be Retained. This proposal PASSED with 16 yes and 8 no votes.

Proposal Three: Increase the salary cap. Increase the salary cap by $5 million to $88 million. In season becomes 93 million. This proposal FAILED with 12 yes votes and 12 no votes

Proposal Four: Changes Free Agent Draft Salaries. Players acquired through the Free Agent draft are assigned a salary as based on the pick # in the round. This proposal FAILED with 6 yes and 18 no votes.

Proposal Five: Change Free Agent Draft Order. This proposal FAILED with 10 yes votes and 14 no votes.

The League Rule Book will be updated shortly for the passing of proposal #2.

[ Edited Wed Apr 17 2019, 07:37p.m. ]
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Sun Apr 14 2019, 11:08a.m.

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The league rule book has been updated. The complete rule book can be found using the link in the upper left hand corner on the league home pages.

The revised Free Agent claims rule is as follows:

8.1 - There are two free agent waiver claim periods. The first period is the week before the start of the regular season. The second period is during the regular season. No waiver claims are allowed during the playoffs.

8.2 - Any player appearing on the most recent KRFL League File who does not appear on any KRFL team's 52-man roster is considered a potential waiver claim free agent.

8.3 – Pre-Season Free Agent Waiver Claim Period
8.3.a - Free agent waiver claims are not allowed during the off-season until the week prior to the start of the KRFL regular season. Beginning and ending on the dates announced by the Commissioner, during the week before the regular season starts, eligible free agents may be claimed.

8.3.b -Teams are limited to obtaining a maximum of two waiver claim free agents during this period. Before the deadline, any interested team should email to the Commissioner a list of players of any number, in order of preference, the team wishes to claim, and the two players, in order of preference, the team wishes to release from their roster if their claim(s) are successful.

8.3.c - If multiple teams claim the same player, the player will be awarded to a team based upon following the most recent Rookie draft order.

8.3.d – Players successfully claimed will be rostered as if the player was acquired during the Free Agent Draft, which means the team may retain the player after the season. The players contract status will as if he was drafted during the most recent Free Agent Draft.

8.4 - In Season Free Agent Waiver Claim Period
8.4.a – Beginning after the start of the regular season, and ending with the Monday preceding the final week of the regular season, eligible free agents may be claimed by posting the claim in the appropriate league discussion forum on the league website, in the required format.

8.4.b - All waiver claims must be posted by Monday, Noon EST deadline or other deadline established but the commissioner to be considered valid for the next week's games.

8.4.c - Waiver claims will be awarded based on the most recent Rookie draft order for claims during week one, and the game's Power Rankings thereafter.

8.4.d – Players obtained on a successful waiver claim during the season are contracted for the current season only, and will become free agents at the end of that KRFL season.

8.5 - There is a 24-hour period directly following the posting of that week's transactions where owners may appeal any decisions made by the Statistician/Transaction Secretary. No appeals may be made after the deadline has expired.
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