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Thu Aug 02 2018, 03:02a.m.

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Overview and Caveats
We have all the makings of another exciting season where there is no clear front runner for the title and at least a dozen teams with a puncher's chance to win it all. Go parity! Like always, I remind you that as good as I am at this prediction stuff (and I am pretty good), I always miss a couple teams by a mile. If you hate my projections for your team, feel free to tell me what a putz I am.

Most Improved Team - SWF
Best Offenses - BRX,CLE,BAR
Best Defenses - INV,SAL,SEA

The Grades and Predictions
Note: grades take positional depth and injuries into consideration.
A+=11, A=10, A-=9, B+=8, B=7, B-=6, C+=5, C=4, C-=3, D+=2, D=1

Super Bowl Champion PST should have an easy walk through the league's weakest division setting them up for a chance to repeat. If only WAR had a QB they might make some noise. BEN now has their qb and is beginning a slow climb to relevance. KUT desperately needs some big uglies.

PST - A/A/B-/B-/B/B+/B- = 53 (15-1) 12-4
WAR - C-/A/B/A/B/C/C+ = 46 (9-7) 7-9
BEN - B/B/B-/C+/B-/B+/C+ = 44 (5-11) 6-10
KUT - B+/B/B-/C/C/C/B+ = 41 (4-12) 4-12

The leagues most improved team by far, SWF, should carry the division with only a declining BLK franchise set to challenge them. If KEN had anybody to throw the ball to they might be able to squeeze something out of their on the bubble qb. TEN has their qb but not much else.

SWF - B-/B+/A/B+/B-/B/A = 55 (9-7) 12-4
BLK - B/B+/B+/B-/B/B+/B- = 50 (12-4) 10-6
KEN - B-/B-/C-/B-/B+/B-/B+ = 43 (3-13) 4-12
TEN - A/B-/C+/C+/C+/C+/B- = 42 (5-11) 4-12

The Italians (plus Jerry) will fight each other for dominance. BAR looks best on paper but don't count out a strong ATL squad. BRX could score 40 points in a game but still lose by three. Watch out for BAY - next year.

BAR - A-/A-/A-/B+/B/B+/B- = 56 (10-6) 12-4
ATL - B/B+/A-/A/B-/C+/A- = 54 (11-5) 11-5
BRX - A/B+/B+/A-/C-/B-/B = 51 (6-10) 8-8
BAY - C-/A/B-/B-/B-/A-/B+ = 49 (2-14) 6-10

SAL reclaims their usual position as division favorite as SEA declines after a disappointing 2017 campaign where they were poised for big things. With a new name and coach, DES is vastly improved and could vie for a wildcard slot. WSS has the best RBs in the league and they'll need them since their defense remains abysmal.

SAL - C+/B+/B/B+/A+/B-/B+ = 53 (10-6) 10-6
SEA - C/A-/B-/B/B/B-/A+ = 50 (10-6) 8-8
DES - B/A/B+/B-/B/B-/B+ = 52 (3-13) 7-9
WSS - B-/A+/B-/B/C-/B-/D+ = 41 (4-12) 2-14

INV failed to meet my lofty expectations last year but this year they should fulfill their promise and go deep in the playoffs. RGG and VAN continue their yearly rivalry to be the last qualifying wildcard team. EDI could join the pair in that battle if the new coach can get the most from a subpar receiving corp.

INV - B-/B+/A+/B-/B-/A/A = 57 (8-8) 12-4
RGG B/B/B-/B-/C+/A-/B = 47 (9-7) 8-8
VAN - C+/B/B/A/B+/C/B- = 47 (9-7) 8-8
EDI - B+/B/C/B+/B/B/B+ = 45 (8-8) 6-10

Once again the league's toughest division. Last year's Super Bowl runner-up, NYH, slides into mediocrity so kick them while they're down because next year they may be resurgent after acquiring an injured Aaron Rodgers in the FA draft. ALA, TAM, and CLE are all three legitimate contenders but I give the nod to CLE if they can coach around a cupcake defensive front.

CLE - A-/A/B+/A-/C+/A-/B = 57 (6-10) 12-4
TAM - A/A-/B+/C+/B+/B-/A- = 55 (10-6) 11-5
ALA - B/A-/B/B/B/B/B+ = 53 (10-6) 10-6
NYH - B/B-/B+/C+/B+/C+/B+ = 47 (14-2) 8-8

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Fri Aug 03 2018, 03:09p.m.

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Love it. Thanks Steve!
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Thu Aug 16 2018, 09:58p.m.
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Great job Steve
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Sun Aug 26 2018, 04:02p.m.
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Nicely done, Steve. I will try to live up to your expectations this year (but this game hates me.) :)
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SW Florida
Sun Aug 26 2018, 10:20p.m.
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Good work as always, Steve.
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Sun Jan 06 2019, 02:45a.m.

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This was by far the worst year for my annual (usually spot-on) pre-season predictions. While I did pick four of the six division winners, I was only within two games for half the league, seriously whiffing on the other half. Here are the worst of them.

BLK I predicted 10-6 and they finished 2-14
BRX I predicted 8-8 and they finished 13-3
SAL I predicted 10-6 and they finished 15-1
INV I predicted 12-4 and they finished 6-10
TAM I predicted 11-5 and they finished 5-11

Now that is some bad predicting. Next year I will have to polish my crystal ball and peer more closely. Despite my miserable prognostications, I'm going to take the opportunity to name the

KRFL Coach of the Year

The Kentucky Jazz played the season with a mediocre injury-prone qb and one of the worst receiving corps in the league and managed, somehow, to make the playoffs. I predicted 4-12 and they finished 9-7. My hat is off to James Riley, Coach of the Year.
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Mon Jan 07 2019, 12:29p.m.

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TAM should have been closer to 11-5 than 5-11. We lost a few close games and our offensive line was even worse than you or I could have predicted. I simply could not run the ball at all this year and with only average WR, that was a problem. My defense kept me in games, but my offense was pathetic.

I agree with James and COY. Heck of a job by him!
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Wed Jan 09 2019, 03:52p.m.
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Congrats to Coach Riley. Well deserved.
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Sun Jan 20 2019, 05:30p.m.
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Steve, I think I broke your prediction machine. I figured with the team I could play 500ish. The Black Hills team was overwhelmed so much. In just about every way. I tried 3 different Offense sets to at least keep the defense off the field.

The team needs help in many a place and has no QB for 2019. I could be in the bottom again. The last owner didnt really plan before this past year.

Thanks for the predictions. I cant wait for 2019
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Sat Jul 13 2019, 09:44a.m.

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Patiently waiting for and looking forward to Steve Ward's 2019 prognostications.......
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