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Week 15 KRFL Playoff Scenarios
by: noodles - Wednesday 24 December 2008 - 02:43:44
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Bensalem has clinched the NFC East. SW Florida has a two game edge in the Central but could be vulnerable if they lose to Cleveland this week and Alabama beats Table Mountain. That would set up a SW Florida v Alabama game for the division title. (Note: I haven't looked at tie breakers). In the West, Portland and So Cal are battling for home field advantage.

In the AFC, Allentown and New York have both clinched their divisions, while Vancouver, despite being 11-3, needs to win one more game to clinch a playoff spot. That leaves three teams competing for the final playoff slot - Burbank, Newark, both at 9-5 and the long shot San Diego at 8-6.


Correction: I wrote the above thinking only four teams made the playoffs. As Brian pointed out to me, five teams qualify. My apologies. I'll post an update tonight.

Week 15 KRFL Playoff Scenarios
burbank | 24 Dec : 15:11

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I think two of the three teams (burbank, newark and san diego) will get in the playoffs as wild cards.

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